Labour replacing minority candidates with white men & journalists

  • Post last modified:May 30, 2024
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In the last few days, the Labour Party has deselected Faiza Shaheen and Diane Abbott, suspended Lloyd Russell-Moyle, and are set to also deselect Apsana Begum.

Meanwhile, the NEC have selected self-confessed ‘Zionist shitlord’ Luke Akehurst to stand in Durham North – a Labour safe seat. Similarly, Paul Waugh too – an ex Huff Post journalist who spent his career slagging off Corbyn, and blocking Canary Journalists:

Minorities aren’t welcome

People on X were quick to point out that a pattern was emerging. Prospective MP’s from minority backgrounds aren’t welcome. At least not unless you support genocide or are spewing hatred in some other way. The party are making it clear, that if you’re Black, brown or gay – the Labour Party is no longer for you:

Faiza Shaheen was deselected yesterday due to tweets she liked as far back as 2014. The Labour Party also used her tweets accounting her personal experiences of Islamophobia against her:

Meanwhile, this shit who repeatedly tried to derail Jeremy Corbyn is standing for Labour – a former Huffington Post stenographer, no less:

It says a lot about someone’s sense of self-importance when they put their own words in quotes. An example of the endless blurred lines between our corporate media and our supposed politicians. No longer are they in bed with them. They are literally the same people:

Waugh previously made unsubstantiated accusations of antisemitism. How convenient now he has carved his own path into standing as an MP. His tweets also suggest, incorrectly – that Labour Party members were given a choice in who the candidate would be.

Israel’s main man inside Labour

On the same day, Labour announced an even bigger shit is also standing in Durham North:

The very man who the Israeli embassy named as Israel’s main man inside Labour. That tells you everything you need to know about the direction of the party:

Labour apparently deselected Faiza Shaheen due to old tweets she had liked – not tweeted herself. Funnily enough, Akehurst has recently deleted a lot of his own tweets. That’s definitely not sus:

Luckily for us, once something is online the chances are, someone smarter than Akehurst has saved a copy. Based on the racist remarks he made in the following video, Labour should also deselect Akehurst:

As a non-Jewish, white man – he has zero right to comment on either of those things. The face that a non-Jewish man can be such a loud Zionist tells us everything that is wrong with settler-colonialism:

Labour is purging the party of anything like left wing politics. There is no space for minority groups. So if you don’t look like them, sound like them, and toe the party line, it’s time to find a new hymn sheet to sing from.

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