Martin Lewis is fuming with the Tories. AGAIN.

  • Post last modified:July 4, 2024
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Once again, the Conservative Party has pissed off ‘money saving expert’ Martin Lewis, and he was not about to let it slide – especially not as the country voted in the general election.

Martin Lewis: not again!

On Wednesday 3 July he tweeted:

In response to this video that Lil Rishi Sunak posted to his X feed:

The Tories are clearly failing to get any real supporters. So they have resorted to cutting up clips of people the public actually like (rather than Tory MP’s) to try and tear the opposition apart. Obviously, it’s not working for them. It seems that if you come for Martin Lewis, the British public will come for you – in their masses:

Here we go again…

Only a few days ago, the Tories put out a hit on Martin Lewis after an absolutely disastrous interview with wet wipe Mel Stride. As the Canary’s Rachel Charlton-Dailey reported on, they claimed he was working for Labour – who the Tories also claim are going to raise taxes.

The Tories cut the video clip so it supposedly showed Martin Lewis talking about Labour raising taxes, obviously missing out the part where he said the same thing about them. The caption of the now-deleted tweet read “they’re not telling the truth”:


The Tories have no friends left – and they’re managing to piss off even our most famous ‘politically neutral’ heroes. What hope is left for a party whose only line of defence is attacking the man who has singlehandedly kept old people warm?

Feature image via the Canary

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