Green Party being frozen out of BBC general election coverage

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In a unbiased country, the focus of the media in a general election would be the policy platform of each party. For BBC Newsnight, however, the focus always seems to be on the right-wing – while snubbing the Green Party:

In this election, the focus is so off centre that American right-wingers may actually be getting more airtime than the British left:

Green Party rising

Before the cancellation, Green Party deputy Zack Polanski tweeted the following:

According to the man himself:

I’m Zack Polanski – I’m Deputy Leader of the Green Party and a Green Party London Assembly member, working at City Hall alongside Siân Berry and Caroline Russell.

I’ve chaired London’s Environment Committee since May 2021 and I’m the Green Party spokesperson for Democracy & Citizen Engagement.

I’m Jewish and gay – I was born in Salford near Manchester, studied in Wales and the US, and now live in Hackney.

I’ve worked in prisons, schools, universities and nightclubs so I very much understand the lives of people working in the gig economy.

In this election, he’s been showing why the Labour Party isn’t really a challenge to Tory ideology; they’re more like relay partners who are ready to take the baton and run with it:

The media are turning a blind eye to the things the Green Party and Polanski are pointing out, so it’s little surprise they’re ignoring him too:

It’s unclear why Newsnight bumped Polanski, but they did find time to cover an American election candidate – namely Donald Trump:

Trump’s felony charge is an important event, but the general election campaign is only six week long. Given that, how does the British Broadcasting Channel justify taking time away from our election to focus on an American candidate? Has Britain really sunk so low that we’re not even the focus of our own elections?

Meanwhile, Nigel Farage has been getting significant coverage, despite the fact that he refused to run as an MP:

Polanski also isn’t running to be an MP, but he is an elected official, and he does have a clearly defined position within a growing opposition party. Why give time to Farage but not Polanski? Why tell us “Nigel Farage’s return to the fray matters” while simultaneously doing everything to keep the Green Party out of the conversation?

Recent BBC articles covering Nigel FarageRecent BBC articles covering Nigel Farage

The difference

Of course, anyone with knowledge of the two parties can see the difference between Reform and the Green Party. Reform is made up of wealthy people like Nigel Farage and Richard Tice, whereas the Greens are saying these people need to pay their fair share of taxes:

The difference has never been clearer, yet many will have no idea given the sad state of our media.

Featured image via Bristol Green Party – Flickr (image cropped with BBC Newsnight logo added)

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