Labour’s stupid lies have played right into the right-wing media

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It’s just over a week since Rishi Sunak announced that a general election will take place on Thursday 4 July. First out of the blocks with the manipulation of the public were the Tories. They placed Conservative councillors in a factory pretending to be workers asking Sunak questions. However, not to be outdone the Labour Party has gone one better – getting a party COUNCILLOR to pose as a ‘lifelong’ Tory.

This has immediately backfired though, as the right-wing press has had a field day. So, it begs the question: is Labour now stupid, or being intentionally ridiculous?

The voters looked from Tory to Labour, Labour to Tory…

Milly Hill is a Labour Party councillor in Stroud. However, according to the party’s MP candidate there Dr Simon Opher, Hill is also a Tory who will now be voting Labour:

In the video, Hill says:

I’ve been a Conservative voter all my life, but I think the party has really changed, and I think the last 14 years has done some real damage to the country.

Thanks to X, though, Labour’s deceit lasted a matter of hours:

The right-wing media has already had a field day with the story. GB News, Guido Fawkes, and the Daily Mail have all run with it.

Sudden amnesia

Apparently, Hill tried to explain away the fact that Opher was trying to palm her off as a life-long Tory. She said:

I last voted for the Conservatives under David Cameron. I voted for Labour with Jeremy Corbyn in 2019.

Hill also tried to make the blatant manipulation of the public look like some kind of mistake. She told the Daily Mail that, regarding the fact she is actually a Labour councillor:

Somebody just pointed that out to me this afternoon and I’ve just made another video pointing out that I am now a very recently elected Labour councillor.

We’re sorry – what??? Did Hill have a sudden bout of amnesia just as Opher was saying ‘LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!’ and think she had been transported back to pre-2016 times when the pig fucker was running the Conservative Party and she WASN’T a Labour councillor? Because that’s the implication here.

Admittedly, Hill was only elected in the 2 May local elections. However, this does not detract from the fact that she and Opher have effectively lied to the public in an attempt to get the latter elected.

Labour’s stinking mess

These kind of tactics are par for the course from the Tories – as we’ve recently seen. But for a Labour candidate to openly do it speaks volumes as to just where the party is at. Moreover, is the party machinery now that stupid they think a) they’ll get away with it, and b) the right-wing media (who Labour has so desperately been courting) won’t use it as a stick to beat them with?

In recent days, we’ve seen Keir Starmer and Labour’s ugly racist, misogynistic head rear itself again, in the form of the debacle with Diane Abbott. We’ve seen the party peddle policies that would fit right into a Conservative manifesto. And, we’ve seen Labour actively support Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza.

As the Canary’s Rachael Swindon recently wrote:

The desperation of the British people to get shot of the Tories is utterly palpable. But getting rid of Sunak and replacing him with Starmer is like changing your shirt when you have shit your trousers.

With a team filled with right-wingers, capitalists, and genocide-enablers – all we needed was a bunch of big fat liars to finish the Labour Party off. It appears, thanks to Hill and Opher, the nail is nearly rammed tight into the Labour Party’s coffin.

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