Sunak & Starmer’s rampant misogyny

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Last night, ITV hosted the first of the live general election debates. Some might have expected an intelligent debate between two polite men who’d earned their places as leaders of their respective parties. Instead, what we to see was a wanky little ego battle between two rich boys.

The ITV general election debate

The most striking issue though, was both leaders blatant disrespect for the host, Julie Etchingham – which was clear for everyone to see. It doesn’t take much digging to see both of their records on how they treat women, but last night’s debate really outed them for the misogynistic wankers they are.

Between the two of them, they talked over her, raised their voices, and were quite frankly rude –  ignoring her when she asked them both to stop:

Their records on protecting women

Only yesterday, the Canary reported that on the Tories treatment of women over the last 14 years:

Anyone with even a fraction of a brain cell knows this is absolute bollocks.

Since 2018 we have seen a catastrophic decline in rape convictions – by 80%. Whilst not seeing a decline in actual offences. Rape survivors can wait 4-6 years to have their case heard in court. That is of course if miraculously, they even get that far. There is no surprising that the Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme (ICGS) named 56 MP’s in a report on sexual misconduct. God knows how many weren’t named:

Screwing women over

For 14 years, the Tories have continuously shafted women left, right, and centre. Or maybe just right. From cuts to domestic abuse services, disabled women being trapped in abusive situations, the two-child benefit cap to health inequalities. Women are screwed over at every possible point so it’s patronising for lil Rishi to now pretend he gives a shit:

Sunak has a history of talking over, and belittling women. Back in 2022 during the conservative party’s leadership debate, Sunak did exactly the same. He consistently talked over wet lettuce, Liz Truss. If he can’t even treat his own party members with respect. What hope is there for the rest of us?

And Labour are no better.

In March 2023, Keir Starmer promised to halve violence against women and girls if Labour wins at the next general election. However, only last month he welcomed Natalie Elphicke into the party – who defected from the conservatives. Well, it came to light last month that Elphicke went after the women who were raped by her ex-husband. Labour knew that, and still make the fucked-up decision to admit her to the party:

Additionally, Starmer’s deselection of Faiza Shaheen and the misery he inflicted on both Diane Abbott and Apsana Begum, shows his complete disregard for women in his own party. You don’t have to look far to see that Starmer will happily throw women under his shiny new battle bus.

Missing the point?

Starmer’s inability to answer simple questions, mixed with Sunak’s outright lies that went unchallenged meant that really, it was a pretty pointless debate:

Etchingham told both Starmer and Sunak their time was up multiple times. They both repeatedly ignored that warning, continuing to talk over Etchingham and raising their voices. When debates are such a pivotal part of any democracy, what does it say about the future of the country when whoever wins cannot follow simple instructions?


Fragile male egos on display during ITV general election debate

In the absence of good arguments, both ‘leaders’ resorted to raised voices and talking over Etchingham. People unfairly ridiculed her on social media during the debate for how she handled the situation. Realistically, how can anyone expect women to do their jobs – let alone well, when they are battling fragile male egos? What does it tell you about the calibre of the two candidates when they have to resort to raised voices and pathetic tittle-tattle?

You’d have thought Rishi, who went to £50k/year private school would know etiquette basics. Like not talking over someone. It’s a shame his parents seemingly wasted so much money on his school fees. Most ten year olds know better. At least Starmer’s parents didn’t waste their money:

Both of their closing statements were more like an ad for mis-sold PPI than anything from a political debate. Although, we’re not sure we’d even trust them enough to get that back.

Ultimately, we have two under qualified men with big mouths and big ego’s battling it out to run the country.

Are these two really the very best we can do as a country?

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