the lesser of two evils in this general election is still evil

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Did you know… the surname Starmer comes from the Old English words sterre, or starre, which meant star, and would have been given to someone with a bright personality?

Keir Starmer has the charisma of a kidney stone. He is a half-filled bowl of semolina in human form.

Even the Reform hategoblin Nigel Farage doesn’t mind Starmer because the Clacton carpetbagger claims his fellow right-winger Starmer is to the “right of the Tories on immigration”, accusing the Labour Party leader of “repeating the UKIP 2015 manifesto”.

For shame.

The ‘lesser of two evils’: you will always have evil and less

I have never been one for buying into this lesser of two evils nonsense.

If you always vote for the lesser of two evils — in this case, Keir Starmer’s “changed” Labour Party — you will always have evil, and you will always have less.

For the easily confused, look at it this way.

On one hand, the conquests of Genghis Khan are said to have caused around forty million deaths. While not being a personal associate of Mr Khan, I’d say that’s pretty damn evil.

On the other hand, you have Jeffrey Dahmer, who killed and dismembered seventeen males over a period of thirteen years. Again, I’d say Jeff was evil.

Still with me?

Dahmer’s death toll may well be significantly less than Khan’s, and on that basis he might be considered the lesser of two evils. But the fact remains, Dahmer, the ‘Milwaukee Cannibal’ was evil.

Of course, Rishi Sunak isn’t Genghis Khan — Khan is a card-carrying member of the Green Party when compared to Sunak — and Starmer certainly isn’t Jeffrey Dahmer, indeed, Dahmer was convicted for his heinous crimes whereas Starmer is still waiting for his invitation to the International Criminal Court.

The lesser of two evils is still evil.

Give it up, already

I have friends who have been out campaigning for Labour over the past couple of weeks. They are still of the belief that it’s better to fight for change from within, despite the change they seek having absolutely no place in today’s Labour Party.

I am of the belief that handing over your membership fees to pay for Starmer’s next bottle of Just for Men is an unimaginably stupid thing to do.

You may as well give it to a worthwhile charity — the Tories have created enough of them — or join a political movement that aligns with your own values, such as Collective, as I know many of my old Labour left friends have done.

But vote for Labour, or encourage other people to vote Labour? I’d consider dinner with Israel’s National Security Minister, Itamar Ben Gvir before I tell anyone to vote against their own interests.

Starmer replaced free broadband with focus groups and a peace-first foreign policy with a foreign lobbyists policy. It’s not the left that’s the problem here.

Starmer: the betrayal is complete

Keir Starmer has betrayed you. He has cheated you. He has stolen your hopes and ambitions and replaced it with division and deselections. You once dared to dream of a better tomorrow, now the best you can hope for is replacing one set of Tories with another?

Has there been a single day during this pointless general election campaign where the Labour Party haven’t left you feeling betrayed, disappointed, disgusted, or even apoplectic with rage?

Whether it’s the shelving of yet another “pledge”, “promise”, “mission” or “fix”, or the embarrassment of a selection process that has seen Black and brown left-wing prospective parliamentary candidates callously tossed aside for saboteurs, Tories, racists and warmongering propagators for a pariah state currently under investigation for crimes against humanity – and that’s just in North Durham.

Didn’t Durham police investigate Starmer for alleged breach of Covid rules? Revenge is a dish best served Cold War….

Perhaps you’re one of these voters that still naively supports our anachronistic voting system, essentially dictating whether you vote for blue Tories, red Tories, or urinary tract infection orangey-yellow Tories?

I’m trying not to swear so much these days, so I won’t call them treacherous piss diamonds that betrayed students and agreed to the Tories harsher benefit sanctions in exchange for a fucking carrier bag tax.

I did say “try”.

Labour’s election campaign is NOT about Tofu and Meghan

This election campaign isn’t Labour versus the Tories, and it’s most certainly not right versus left, unless you’re one of those pillocks that still reads the Daily Mail and thinks Keir Starmer is a tofu-munching Meghan Markle sympathiser that spends his weekends on the allotment with Jeremy Corbyn.

Sunak versus Starmer is a battle of S*n columnists. A war between a pair of perfidious establishment lickspittles. Two very different coloured rosettes promoting exactly the same failed capitalist ideology, where corporate welfare matters more than societal welfare.

Gosh, aren’t we lucky?

In the old days we used to keep up with the Jones’s, but in 2024 we can’t even keep up with the price of a fucking tin of beans and neither of those elitist guardians of the establishment have the solution because they are promising to maintain the problem.

If it walks like a Tory, speaks like a Tory, looks like a Tory, and behaves like a Tory, there’s a bloody good chance it’s Keir Starmer, a dipstick simp to the rich and powerful. A master of broken promises.

We have already got one load of principle free, privatisation-embracing, poor-hating, anti-working class, freeloading, apartheid-supporting, blatantly corrupt gaggle of blundering subhuman effluent in government, so why would we want even more of the same, dressed in a red rosette?

Starmer: hang your heads in shame

One day many will hang their heads in shame when they realise the obvious evil they defended and the heroes they ridiculed.

The only reason Labour find themselves so far ahead is because so many people have had it up to their eyeballs with the Tories. It is not an endorsement of the Labour Party – far from – but a complete rejection of the Conservative party and their failed dogma, set to be continued under Prime Minister Starmer.

I absolutely reject the Labour Party, and for the first general election in my lifetime I will not be giving my vote to the Labour candidate. They don’t need my vote any longer, they’ve got Tory votes to see them home, and they certainly don’t deserve my vote.

Do they deserve yours?

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