Labour not winning the election, the Tories are losing it; YouGov

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Whilst the Labour Party are pre-emptively celebrating a landslide general election win, a poll by YouGov has pointed out that many people are not pro-Labour, just anti-Tory. A whopping 48% of Labour voters stated they were voting that way simply to oust the Tories, compared to only 5% who actually agree with their policies:

Why are you voting Labour?

Now, some Labour voters may have genuinely said “GTTO” as their main reason while still supporting the party and its’ policies – as people were pointing out on X:

However, it is clear that a sizeable chunk of people aren’t voting Labour for its neoliberal, billionaire-backed half-arsed policies. They don’t want centrist or right-wing capitalist politicians tinkering at the edges of the countries biggest problems.

They are voting almost purely to boot out the muppets who have destroyed our country over the past 14 years.

Could the system be more broken? The electorate are forced to pick between evil and more evil. It’s like we’re deciding between electing the Big Bad Wolf and Sid from Toy Story:

Tactical voting, or selling your soul?

If no one used tactical voting, Labour would still have a majority. However, the landslide wouldn’t be so significant. A remarkable 8% of Labour votes would go to the Greens or Independent candidates. Similarly, the Lib Dems and Tories would each lose some votes. At Least Reformers have few enough brain cells to be consistent:

People have been pushing tactical voting on social media to ensure the Tories retain as few seats as possible. But what sort of society do we live in when people are having to vote for the person that is going to fuck up the least? The point of voting is to have your say. So if you’re voting tactically – you’re just propping up the establishments two-party system:

Meanwhile, 28% of Britons say the outcome of the general election has little or no impact on them personally. So the majority of the public have a lot riding on this election:

Equally, though, over a quarter of voters think it doesn’t matter who wins – ‘my life won’t change’. What sort of sustainable country is built on a foundation of hatred towards the other party and apathy to democracy – and how long can that stay standing?

Whilst it is obvious who is going to win this election – we still have the chance to hold Labour to account by electing as many Independent MP’s as possible. So vote for your local independent, Green, or even Lib Dem if you really have to.

Don’t play into the two party system – that’s exactly what they want.

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