Sunak drops gigantic clanger leaving D-Day commemoration early

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Beleaguered prime minister Rishi Sunak apologised on Friday 7 June for leaving the D-Day anniversary commemorations in France early.

Where did he go?

To conduct a television interview with ITV.

We’re sure that’ll be worth all the flag wankers foaming out the mouth. Sunak attended a British government event before returning home and missed the main ceremony at Omaha Beach, attended by France’s President Emmanuel Macron, US President Joe Biden, and Ukraine leader Volodymyr Zelensky.

In his apology Sunak said:

After the conclusion of the British event in Normandy, I returned back to the UK.

On reflection, it was a mistake not to stay in France longer –- and I apologise.

Sunak, languishing in the polls and widely tipped to lose the general election on July 4, sent his foreign minister David Cameron to the event instead, where he was pictured alongside other world leaders.

Line up, lads

Opposition politicians accused Sunak of “a total dereliction of duty” by skipping a major international ceremony with fellow world leaders in Normandy on Thursday 6 June.

The Labour Party’s Jonathan Ashworth accused Sunak of prioritising “his own vanity TV appearances over our veterans” on D-Day.

Lib Dems leader Ed Davey, said Sunak had “brought shame” to his office and “let down our country”. It’s come to something when you’ve teed up the Lib Dems for a roast, eh?

Our pal J-Corbz had some classic decent points to make:

Comedian Sooz Kempner painted a more vivid picture:

Matt Green contemplated whether Sunak was throwing the election on purpose:

Political editor of Byline Times, Adam Bienkov, pointed out how our soggy little PM couldn’t even stick it out for one afternoon:

Sunak’s stupid mandatory national service plan was clearly designed to warm the hearts of right-wing gammon with a hard-on for the military. But, Sunak couldn’t have dropped more of a clanger here. How can he possibly recover? One commenter had a suggestion:

And, more importantly, can we have more Tories melting down on telly about it?

Writer James Felton called to mind the lunatic environment we’re in where Corbyn apparently not bowing low enough, or someone not wearing a poppy is enough for calls to have them sent to a gulag:

Of course we can’t forget mainstream media positioning Sunak as some kind of politician extraordinaire:

Fuck sake Camilla:

Try again

Given the absolute pasting he’s getting from all angles, Sunak has got the answer. He said:

I think it’s important, though, given the enormity of the sacrifice made, that we don’t politicise this. The focus should rightly be on the veterans who gave so much.

Nice try, sunshine. That doesn’t look like it’s going to hold water with… well, anybody. Sunak may well have sunk his own campaign before it’s barely started.

However, we have to agree with one commenter who argued over D-Day:

All these politicians that are tripping over themselves to capitalise on Sunak’s howler have something else in common – their ongoing allowance for Israel’s genocide in Palestine. That’s exactly why we can’t take their outrage seriously. None of these people actually represent our interests, and the sooner we get rid of the whole lot of them, the better.

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