Extremists that Sunak mentioned Hunt can’t actually name

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According to Rishi Sunak (and his mini-me Keir Starmer), Britain is overrun with extremists. Given that the problem is significant enough to have warranted a special speech from Sunak outside Downing Street, you’d think these extremists would be easy to identify.

Not so if you’re Jeremy Hunt – the second-most senior politician in the government:


Trevor Phillips of Sky News began by quoting Sunak, who said in his special address outside Downing Street:

Our streets have been hijacked by small groups who are hostile to our values

This was an interesting thing for the multi-millionaire Tory Sunak to say, as most people in the UK will have few shared values with him. We’d say that maybe the people who voted for him do, but of course no one voted for Sunak to become prime minister – he just slipped in after the previous two occupants of the position got booted out.

Back to the interview, Phillips asked Hunt:

Can you name a group that isn’t already banned that needs to be proscribed because of their actions on these marches?

A flustered Hunt responded:

Well, I’m not going to go into those details. That’s a matter for the home secretary.

Which is precisely what someone would say if they couldn’t name any such groups. Phillips responded:

The prime minister spoke about groups consistently in his speech… you want to be practical – you’ve been saying that to me all this morning – name one.

Just one. This should be easy, right?’

Who are these ‘extremists’?

Not if Hunt’s nervous stammering was anything to go by. While he wouldn’t/couldn’t name a single extremist group, he could point out what we all know:

What I can tell is that the vast majority of British Muslims want to protest peacefully and within the law, and they have every right to do so.

But we have seen examples of very intimidatory protests that have made other people feel very unsafe…

What the prime minister is saying is what we need to remember is the British way is tolerance and understanding, the way you get change is through peaceful protest, and argument and persuasion, and he was reaffirming those very British values

Phillips later said:

When you and the PM speak of these anonymous groups, or organisations, there are people assuming that you must mean either anyone who has been on these marches or anyone who has happened to profess the Muslim faith.

If you know this is happening, why can’t you say what groups – the prime minister specifically spoke about groups and organisations – you mean?

Hunt still couldn’t name a single extremist group. And he isn’t the only one who can’t validate Sunak’s desperate fear-mongering:

Although Sunak does at least have the support of Starmer:

Too bad for the Tory-Labour alliance that people don’t seem to be falling for it:

Especially as the Tory party itself is quite openly filled with actual extremists:

Desperation politics

Sunak and Starmer are in panic mode because their support for Israel’s genocide in Gaza saw both parties getting hammered in the Rochdale byelection:

Both leaders want voters’ approval, but not as much as they to support what’s shaping up to be the greatest humanitarian disaster of this century. In their desperation and idiocy, Starmer and Sunak pulled what’s arguably the greatest Karen move of all time by threatening to set the police on voters who disagree with them – or ‘extremists’.

As the situation unfolds, expect the response from our panicked political leaders to become even more ridiculous.

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