We’re all feeling like Brenda from Bristol. Yes, it’s a general election

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“You’re joking. Not another one? Oh for God’s sake… I can’t stand this”.

Brenda, Bristol.

It’s another general election

Twenty points behind in the polls, an absolute drubbing at the local elections that were held just three weeks ago, and half of their candidates are yet to be selected. Don’t let anyone tell you that an expensive private education and a job with Goldman Sachs somehow makes Tory prime minister Rishi Sunak more intelligent than your average Joe Bloggs.

Sure, polls can narrow, and local election turnouts are usually considerably less than the turnout at a general election, but even the most ardent of Tory voter knows there is very little prospect of Britain voting for a man that can’t even announce a general election without it turning into a rain-drenched farce.

Unlike the previous two general elections, Keir Starmer will be the main beneficiary of a massive anti-Tory vote.

But this isn’t an election like we experienced in 2017 and 2019. This isn’t really a battle of red versus blue. This illusion of democracy is no more than a baton handover.

I supported and voted for Labour at the last two general elections. But the thought of supporting and voting for this grotesque variant of the Conservative Party leaves me feeling like a half-cut Speedo-clad Nigel Farage has just jumped in my bath and offered to scrub my back without using his hands.

Eating breakfast? You’re very welcome.

Who are the Tory enablers?

If I was to put a penny in a jar for each and every time a new New Labour patriot called me a “Tory enabler”, or told me I was gifting Sunak “another five years of Tory rule”, I would most probably have enough to fund Starmer’s ten pledges, six fixes, five missions and the utterly fraudulent Great British Energy facade, twice over, before the polls close on 4 July.

Let’s be honest, it takes some serious brass neck from these centre-right Starmer supporters to call us “Tory enablers” when they have opened their arms to three Tory MPs.

One sold-off the UK’s blood plasma supplier to an American private equity firm, another attacked footballers for supporting free school meals for hungry children, and the other voted to cut £20 a week from the pittance that is Universal Credit, yet it is *US* that are enabling another Tory government because we refuse to support these fucking Tory parasites?

Before the Canary saved me from the bloggers scrap heap I used to regularly remind people that they wouldn’t get the Tories out of power until they get the Tories out of the Labour Party.

And less than six weeks away from when Keir Starmer gets his chance to prove he will put the security of Israel before the needs of the British people, my reminder is as true today as it ever has been.

It isn’t compulsory to vote Labour or Conservative. We do have other choices — candidates with socialist values that stand against genocide. You don’t have to give your vote to Keir Starmer to stop the Tories. To stop the Tories, you need to stop Keir Starmer.

By the way, did you know Keir Starmer was the former Director for Public Prosecutions? Oh, and did you know his dad was a toolmaker?

Enter Collective… and some chap named Corbyn

One individual attempting to break the duopoly, some chap named Jeremy Corbyn, announced his candidacy for the Islington North constituency, this week.

Jeremy is supported by Collective — a mass movement that will eventually transform into a new political party, one that can take on both the Tory-Labour establishment and our rigged political system to restore democracy and hope for all.

Remember what hope used to feel like? That burning desire to build a Britain where opportunity is available for all? We didn’t need two flags behind us, or an expensive podium in front of us to show how much we cared about a just and decent society. Our patriotism was in our actions. We didn’t need to create division because our message of hope would go on to bring people together.

I am absolutely delighted to see so many strong and principled socialists standing at the general election on 4 July.

Jeremy isn’t the only independent candidate that will be standing on an anti-genocide platform. Andrew Feinstein, Claudia Webbe, Tasnime Akunjee, Tahir Mirza, Pamela Fitzpatrick, and many other first class candidates — all supported by Collective — will be taking the fight to the Tories, both red and blue.

Talking of genocide…

Apparently I should speak with Hamas to negotiate hostage releases

If the propagators of the Israeli state insist there are “no innocent Palestinians”, by their same logic there are no innocent Americans, no innocent Brits, and there are certainly no innocent Israelis.

Those are the rules, don’t blame me, I didn’t make them up. Although international law doesn’t look kindly upon the perpetrators of collective punishment, apparently.

These are the same dangerous genocidal maniacs that appear on my timeline underneath my posts telling me to “speak with Hamas”.

SPEAK WITH HAMAS? Do these deluded gaslighters with a thing for ethnic cleansing think I’ve got a direct line to Mr Qassam?

“Hi Al, it’s Rachael of the Swindon martyrs brigade here, you know, Corbynite leftist, lives near the magic roundabout? Home of Diana Dors? 10cc? Billie Piper?… Anyway, my friend @DavidBunchanumbers on X wants me to tell you to release the hostages. Are you down with that?”

Be in absolutely no doubt, Gaza will still haunt the conscience of the world long after the genocide comes to an end.

For seventy-six years Israel has been allowed to kill and maim under the Western colonialists shield of impunity. Until last Monday.

Gaza should be front and centre of your general election vote

In seeking an arrest warrant for the baby-killer-in-chief, Netanyahu, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has trampled upon the myth that Israel is beyond accountability. There has been no greater criminal in Israeli history than Benjamin Netanyahu and the chief prosecutor is absolutely correct in his decision to request a warrant for the butcher of Gaza.

The ICC is facing incredible pressure from the United States to drop the warrant request. They have bullied and threatened the court, not only ensuring the absolute death of the illusion of Western moral superiority, but equally ensuring the ICC simply cannot cave in to the American and Israeli threats and demands, because this will only result in the end of the very existence of international law itself.

War criminal Netanyahu responded to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling demanding Israel stop the invasion of Rafah by bombing a number of displaced Palestinians living in tents.

This is what Israel thinks of international law.

Collective-backed independent candidates will put the Gaza genocide front and centre of their respective campaigns, and rightly so, because the Israeli monsters will continue to act with the full support of the pro-Israel lobby funded Labour and Conservative establishment cabals.

We must, and we will hold them to account.

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