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The Canary receives a lot of emails from members and subscribers, on various topics – which the team are really grateful for. We always aim to respond. However, we thought what a waste it was that we’re the only ones that get to read your opinions and musings on politics, society, and the world. So, in December 2022 we decided it was time for a weekly letters page – exclusively for members. Since then, thanks to the response from so many people we’ve opened up our letters page to everyone who reads the Canary. Now, we’ve got a general election coming up – and the Canary wants you to be involved.

Letters to the Canary: a general election

It’s fairly straightforward. We want letters of no more than 400 words on a subject that fits Canary values and is related to news and politics. Ideally, we’d like your thoughts on our articles or something that’s currently in the news – as we want the page to spark debate.

We now know we’ve got ANOTHER general election on Thursday 4 July. At the Canary, we’ve come straight out of the blocks already, slapping down what the corporate media and politicians are coming with – from Keir Starmer lying to Boris Johnson schmoozing with neo-Nazis via the BBC’s love-in with Richard Tice.

Elections are also perhaps the time when the corporate media goes into propaganda overdrive – just ask Jeremy Corbyn about this. Therefore, in the next six weeks it’s all the more important that independent media is speaking truth to power – cutting through the misinformation (or disinformation, depending on your viewpoint) being spread elsewhere.

Our readers are an important part of that – and we’ve never actually a letters page up and running during an election before. So, why not write us a letter and help us to be a force for truth and change in 2024?

Get involved

Please note that caveats apply as they do for our writers:

1. We will not publish anything that we consider discriminatory, abusive or containing hate speech.
2. Sending a letter for publication does not guarantee we publish it.
3. We won’t be paying for letters.
4. The Canary reserves the right to edit your letters as we see fit.

You’re free to swear if you wish, and also free to respond to other members’ letters as well. To give you an idea of what other people have written, you can read previous editions of the letters page here.

So, off you go! Email your letters to [email protected] – then every Saturday we’ll publish a selection of them. Our platform is also your platform. Get writing and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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