UK & US use Trump conviction as cover to bomb 13 sites

  • Post last modified:May 31, 2024
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Former president and likely Republican presidential-nominee Donald Trump is now, finally, a convicted felon. So, with the corporate media forcing all eyes on Trump’s conviction, what better time for Butcher Biden to rack up some war crimes? Because, not to be outdone, as the Trump news dropped, Genocide Joe was busy bombing the hell out of Yemen.

Naturally, the US’s imperial lackey the UK jumped in on the colonial chest-thumping, to prop up their genocidal axis of evil with Israel in the Middle East.

Bombing Yemen as Trump found guilty

On Thursday 30 May, a New York jury found Donald Trump guilty on 34 charges of election fraud. As Reuters reported, the former president had falsified:

documents to cover up a payment to silence a porn star ahead of the 2016 election.

That very same day however, the US and UK rained bombs down on Yemen in the middle of the night:

The US and UK military claimed to have targeted thirteen locations where they had identified buildings:

housing drone ground control facilities and providing storage for very long range drones, as well as surface to air weapons

To many, the uncanny timing, with Trump’s conviction swallowing up the media’s attention, was glaringly obvious:

War criminals all round

Consequently, an orange jumpsuit might match Trump’s complexion, but he’s not the only one who’d wear it well:

Because of course, Trump too committed atrocious war crimes against people in Yemen:

Essentially then, courts have convicted Trump for hush money to a porn star, but blatant murderous war crimes? Nah. Naturally, this suits Butcher Biden and his drone-strike-happy presidential predecessor Barrack Obama down to the ground.

What’s more, that barely scratches the surface of US and UK war crime complicity. Even now, the duopoly of dying colonial empires are abetting war criminal Netanyahu in his brutal ethnic extermination of Palestinians. I’m old enough to remember when Israel used US-made munitions to burn 45 Gazans to death in a Rafah refugee camp.

Unsurprisingly, the pair are gearing up to obstruct Netanyahu’s arrest after the International Criminal Court issued a warrant for it. As the Canary’s James Wright wrote:

In other words, Western leaders are arguing that international law does not apply to the West or its allies.

To date, evidently so.

Election season: nationalistic imperialism on steroids

Rancid displays of toxic imperialism? Now election season really is in full swing:

In short, buckle up for a self-aggrandising spiel of jingoistic imperial impulses from small men in suits for the next six months. Right on cue, here’s Sunak cracking out the ol’ “self defence” chestnut:

Of course, for the chef’s kiss of timing – parliament – you know, that institution of elected representatives meant for holding government to account, is now dissolved. Naturally, this was the same day Sunak was getting in bed with Butcher Biden to rain terror and death down on people in Yemen:

Some on X highlighted the attack on Yemen in the context of Sunak’s gross theatre of nationalistic pride-come-election stunt:

Bombing Yemen to propping up Israel’s genocide in Gaza

Ultimately however, despite Biden and Sunak’s best PR obfuscation tactics, the reasons for their criminal bombardment didn’t escape peoples’ notice. Specifically: sustaining Israel’s genocide in Gaza:

Because despite the bullshit pretexts, at the heart of this is Palestine. Notably, the US and UK airstrikes are retaliation to Yemen blockading Israel-bound vessels fueling its genocide:

Another poster highlighted the appalling racist double-standards at play in the Western corporate media and political establishment:

At the end of the day, the US and UK can talk big on international law, but the majority world knows, the Zionist apologist war-mongers, with ally Israel, are the biggest war criminals going.

Feature image via the White House/Wikimedia, in the public domain

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