general election already shows parties’ ignorance

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On Wednesday 22 May, Rishi Sunak made his moist announcement about the upcoming general election on 4 July. However, there was no British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter anywhere to be seen. The Tories are starting as they mean to go on – somewhat delulu – and by making it very clear they don’t give a crap about disabled people.

A general election already NOT for disabled people

As the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID) pointed out:

Unfortunately for anyone who has been paying even the slightest bit of attention, this comes as no surprise. The Tories have made their stance on disabled people very obvious over the last 14 years – that wasn’t going to change because they want re-electing:

Obviously, the Tories weren’t thinking about anyone other than themselves and bankrolling their corrupt pals:

The conservatives are well known for their hatred of disabled people, from slashing disabled people’s benefits and completely screwing them over – to literally causing deaths. The lack of shits they give could not be clearer:

Complete ineptitude

Some people presumed the Tories might have learnt lessons from the pandemic – unfortunately for them, it seems their complete ineptitude has no bounds.

We have already established that Keir Starmer is a Tory in a red tie. So of course, X users were quick to point out that whilst he launched his campaign on dry ground, he also didn’t have enough brain cells to include a BSL interpreter:

Only last week, the Canary’s Rachel Charlton-Dailey covered Starmer’s 10/10 effort in leaving disabled people out of pre-election pledges. As she pointed out, Sunak and his ‘wet wipe army’ see disabled people as their biggest public enemy. Whereas for Labour – clearly ignorance is bliss:

Moreover, the Tory government introduced the BSL Act in 2022 for precisely these situations. Although, a fish might have a better chance of remembering that:

We effectively have two power hungry shitbags battling it out in a general election to lead a country even further into disaster. Whilst not giving a shit how many disabled people they leave behind, or kill:

Clearly, neither party can be arsed to do the bare minimum for disabled people. So, why should anyone bother to turn out for them on election day? Hopefully one day, we will have a government we can expect more from. 

Feature image via NBC News and Guardian News/YouTube

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