Social Justice Party to challenge Labour at the general election

  • Post last modified:February 15, 2024
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The Social Justice Party (SJP) – a new democratic and eco-socialist party – has officially registered with the Electoral Commission ahead of plans to stand candidates at the next general election

Meet the Social Justice Party

The party, which was launched at a conference in the seaside town of Whitby last summer, was set up by a group of ex-Labour members who identified the need for a socialist challenge to Labour at the next General Election and decided to take the initiative themselves. 

It aims to join a growing informal alliance of candidates calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and justice for Palestine as part of its commitment to peace and social justice. 

The chair of the party’s National Co-ordinating Committee, Simon Chester said:

The Social  Justice Party has organised itself in a way that plays to the strength of the post-Corbyn  British left. Whilst money and media coverage are exceedingly short for socialists, we do  have large numbers of people with experience of grass-roots organising and campaigning  on issues ranging from Palestine, the climate crisis and workers’ rights. 

We have prioritised the organisation of local branches over a national bureaucracy, which  has already enabled us to see electoral success. 

We have also shown a commitment to work with other socialists and independents in  developing a policy agenda which includes calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and  justice for Palestine.

Already with councillor

Speaking of electoral success, last May councillor Tony Randerson – who represents the Eastfield  ward on North Yorkshire Council – resigned from Labour, citing Keir Starmer’s abandonment of the party’s traditional working-class supporters and authoritarian leadership style.

He was re-elected at the subsequent by-election – which saw the Labour Party fall to third place – as an independent. However, he campaigned with the support of the Social Justice Party and made clear he planned to formally register as an SJP councillor as soon as the party was registered with the Electoral Commission. 

SJP: a new option on the ballot

Following news of the SJP’s successful recognition, Randerson said:

I have always been a proud socialist, intent on looking after the neediest in our society. After many years of loyal service to the Labour Party as a member and councillor, I took the decision to resign in protest at the calamitous direction Starmer is taking the party in. 

Labour no longer resembles the party I joined many years ago. It has given up on standing up for working-class people, and it’s clear there’s a desperate need for a new party of the left that can bring together that mass membership we know the potential exists for. 

That’s why when I stood for re-election last year, I did so with the support of the Social  Justice Party. Due to legalities, I was an ‘unaffiliated independent’ councillor on North Yorkshire Council but have never been comfortable with that description. I’m delighted that the Social Justice Party is now a registered political party and I am officially a Social Justice Party councillor.

The party has now begun the process of selecting parliamentary candidates with the aim of posing a challenge to both Labour and the Conservatives on their commitment to growth based, trickle-down economics, neo-liberal politics and continued austerity. 

You can view the Social Justice Party’s website here

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