like a Who’s Who of political miscreants

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Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer’s general election “dissolution peerages” have been released – and if you were looking for a reason to abolish the bloated House of Lords, then here it is.

Peerages for the few

As the Times chief political correspondent Aubrey Allegretti posted on X:

So, just what have these Toms, Dicks, and Harrys done to deserve a seat in the world’s most privileged care home?

Sunak’s nominations for peerages:

  • Liam Booth-Smith, Sunak’s chief of staff – for services to destroying the Conservative Party for a generation. Actually, that shouldn’t be a criticism. Well done, Liam!
  • Sir Graham Brady, head of the 1922 committee – for holding unwieldy power over our already tattered democracy.
  • Chris Grayling, former transport secretary (among other things) – for overseeing calamity on the railways and those infamous “Brexit ferries”.
  • Dame Eleanor Laing, deputy speaker of the House of Commons – for praising Thatcher, being against gay marriage, and punching down on pregnant women.
  • Craig Mackinley, former Tory MP – for actually originally being a member of UKIP before defecting to the slightly less dark side.
  • Theresa May, former prime minister – for not only getting £115,000 a year for being an ex-PM, but now getting hundreds of quid a day to nod off in the House of Lords. Oh, and Windrush, ‘Go Home’ vans, and every other racist abomination she presided over.
  • Sir Alok Sharma, former Tory MP – for everyone forgetting amid the failure of COP26 that he was also a DWP minister for a while, presiding over the now-chaos of Universal Credit managed migration.

Labour miscreants

Starmer’s nominations for peerages:

  • Margaret Beckett, former Labour MP – voted for the Iraq war and still defends the decision to invade the country to this day.
  • Harriet Harman, former Labour MP – another Blairite who, when she draws her last breath on this earth, will have to justify her role in the mess the DWP is in now, as it was her cutting benefits for single mothers which began what the UN now calls “grave” and “systematic” violations of disabled people’s human rights.
  • Margaret Hodge, former Labour MP – as the Canary’s Rachael Swindon recently pointed out, ask Hodge about Islington children’s homes and Jewish cemeteries – oh and her treacherous campaign against Corbyn, and support for genocidal Israel.
  • Kevan Jones, former Labour MP – a militarist who supported the UK bombing Syria, Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen, and him and his mates metaphorically bombing Corbyn in the ‘Chicken Coup’.
  • Barbara Keeley, former Labour MP – another one central to the ‘Chicken Coup’ against Corbyn.
  • John Spellar, former Labour MP – for services to backing Owen Smith in the failed coup against Corbyn, and telling the latter to resign over his non-support for bombing Syria
  • Rosie Winterton, former Labour MP – for trying to cover up her involvement in the expenses scandal by “secretly” paying the money back. Not really a secret, though, is it Rosie?

So, from pig to man blah, blah, blah – these bunch of establishment cronies show that “change” has certainly NOT happened – as they’ll fit perfectly into the corrupt and draconian House of Lords.

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