Johnson welcomes Ukraine neo-Nazi Azov Brigade to parliament

  • Post last modified:May 24, 2024
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The media outrage is nowhere to be seen. But former prime minister Boris Johnson has welcomed a delegation from Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Brigade to UK parliament.

Johnson said:

My message to you is very simple. Thank you to the heroes from the Azov Brigade who have honoured us with their presence tonight

In 2015 a spokesperson for the Azov Brigade downplayed comments from an Azov drill sergeant that half the unit are Nazis. Andriy Diachenko said only 10 to 20% are in fact Nazis.

Former leader of the unit Andriy Biletsky and said in 2010 that Ukraine’s purpose was to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade… against Semite-led Untermenschen [subhumans]”.

At the meeting in parliament Johnson was pictured holding an Azov banner that shows the neo-Nazi Wolfsangel symbol.

In November 2014, then Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov brought the Azov regiment into Ukraine’s National Guard. That’s part of the official armed forces.

And in 2016, the US lifted a ban on its funds being used to train Azov.

In parliament, Johnson continued:

Give the Ukrainians what they need. Give them the weapons. Give them the authorisation to use those weapons outside their own borders. It’s absolutely ludicrous that Ukrainians should be forbidden from doing what Putin is doing himself… why on earth shouldn’t Ukrainians be able to attack Russian forces mustering on their borders?

While Vladimir Putin is responsible for invading Ukraine, in February 2022 then UK prime minister Johnson scuppered a peace deal that could’ve ended the war.

Indeed, foreign secretary David Cameron said in April 2024 that the war is “extremely good value for money” because it depletes Russia.

It’s outrageous that Johnson has welcomed a neo-Nazi delegation to parliament. And it’s unclear where those commentators and groups who frequently allege antisemitism against critics of Israel are now.

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