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Back in 2020, during the Labour Party leadership campaign, Keir Starmer – keen to demonstrate his passion for internal democracy – said:

We should end the National Executive Committee (NEC) impositions of candidates. Local Party members should select their candidates for every election.

How’s that working out?

Keir Starmer: bare-faced liar extraordinaire

The Labour NEC didn’t just impose candidates on local Labour constituencies, they actually chose THEMSELVES to stand in very winnable seats. This includes the painfully intolerable ultra-Zionist Luke Akehurst, of course.

As if being made to be beholden to a rogue foreign state isn’t bad enough already.

Labour NEC member Mish Rahman delivered this startling revelation on his X timeline to very little fanfare. The British media couldn’t give a shit if the next governing party is corrupt to its core.

Why would they? They enabled and supported a government led by Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

If this scandalous abuse of power – reported in the Canary on Wednesday – was carried out by a left-wing NEC under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn you can absolutely guarantee the Canary wouldn’t be alone in reporting the top-down corruption in the Labour Party.

Yes, Corbyn should have been more ruthless

People often say Jeremy should’ve been considerably more ruthless during his time as Labour leader, and I absolutely accept that criticism. But they must not confuse ruthlessness with malversation.

Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t do corrupt. He doesn’t do rich private healthcare donors, and he certainly doesn’t do tenebrous pro-genocide lobbyists that are seeking a substantial degree of influence and direct access to power-on-speed-dial for the price of a new digital photocopier and a few glossy leaflets.

I don’t think any Labour member voted for Jeremy because they were expecting something that resembles the merciless autocracy that is synonymous with the Labour leadership of today, did they?

The right-wing saboteurs of Labour would often level unfounded accusations at Jeremy Corbyn, only to have the same or similar accusations credibly directed at them some time later.

This tactic is straight out of the hard-right playbook. Ask Donald Trump and the pariah state of Israel why nearly every accusation turns out to be a confession.

The Labour right: accusations-turned-confessions

The Labour right insisted we were antisemitic.

The Labour right had very little to say when one of their own, Barry Sheerman, tweeted about a “run on silver shekels” in reference to a rumour about two high profile Jewish businessmen missing out on peerages.

The Labour right insisted we were racist.

The Labour right had very little to say when a member of their own National Executive Committee called for an inquiry into the Islamophobia that has permanently stained the soul of the once proudly anti-racist Labour Party. Believe me, Labour is a racist cesspit.

The Labour right insisted we were a risk to national security.

The Labour right has plenty to say when it comes to further funding and fuelling global conflicts — particularly supporting the depleting of our own stock of military hardware so Zelensky can continue to fight Biden’s war with Putin.

I can’t think of a much greater risk to our national security than provoking a state with 5,500 nuclear warheads at its disposal. Just one nuclear warhead dropped over the city of London would kill 583,000 of our friends and loved ones.

The Labour right insisted that Jeremy Corbyn crushed internal democracy and stitched-up candidate selection processes in favour of left-leaning candidates.

The Labour right has spent the entirety of Keir Starmer’s tenure as Labour leader meticulously exploiting candidate selection processes to block left-wing candidates from standing for Labour while promoting a “London clique” of candidates that could broadly be considered Blairite.

When the ruling class tells you what motivates them, believe them the first time because when they come looking for your votes they lie, and lie, and lie.

Barros-Curtis who?

I was delighted to hear the Labour Party has dropped its lawsuit against five ex-staffers who had been accused of leaking a controversial internal report – the work of the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit in relation to antisemitism, 2014–2029

The announcement was made just days after the party’s legal director, Alex Barros-Curtis, who dealt with the expensive legal action, was parachuted in as Labour candidate for the safe seat of Cardiff West.

So let’s get this straight. The legal eagle that chased an unwinnable case against the ‘ex-Labour five’ was rewarded for his utterly humiliating waste of £1.5 million worth of Labour membership fees with a job-for-life, a very generous salary, and perks that the working class backbone of this country can only ever dream of?

One senior Labour MP said:

The parachuting of Alex Barros-Curtis into a safe Labour seat is a disgrace now we know what he is responsible for.

This Starmer-appointed official has spent millions of pounds of the Labour Party’s money dragging former party employees through the courts for four years, pursuing a pointless and failed political vendetta.

Barros-Curtis, who I know absolutely nothing about whatsoever, seems to be a “legal director” in the same way that Keir Starmer is a “former leading human rights barrister”.

We only mentioned the Seven Deadly Sins on Friday…

Starmer himself is no stranger to the perks of power, which were quite beautifully exposed by openDemocracy last year.

In fact, Keir Starmer has taken more freebies from the obscenely wealthy than all of the Labour leaders since 1997 combined – and that is based on figures from the start of the age of beige in 2020 until August 2023.

Some of the gluttonous Keir Starmer’s freebies included tickets to a Coldplay concert in Manchester worth £698 by a concert promoter, while the Jockey Club gave him a box and hospitality at the Epsom Derby worth £3,716.

You know who sits on the board of the Jockey Club, right? Baroness Dido Harding.

Repeat after me: They’re all in it together.

Take a deep breath. Here’s Starmer’s freebies

Junket king Starmer has also pocketed freebies from companies such as *takes deep breath* Just Eat, the grocery delivery app GETIR, online retail business the Hut Group, construction giants Mulalley and Co on TWENTY EIGHT occasions, various multi millionaires and gambling giants, and the gifts have included hospitality at Chelsea and Tottenham Premier League matches, ANOTHER Coldplay concert, numerous days at the races, an Adele concert, and nights in luxury hotels.

It probably goes without saying, Keir Starmer isn’t the only top ranking Labour official to take full advantage of the corporate lobbyists generosity.

Shadow secretary of state for health and social care, the Blairite disciple Wes Streeting, was gifted hospitality worth more than a grand at Hay Festival courtesy of the broadcaster Sky and on top of that he received £600 worth of tickets to the opera at Glyndebourne by a lobbying and public affairs company, FGS Global.

It is important that I make clear, Starmer and Streeting are doing absolutely nothing wrong providing the freebie is declared within thirty days – if it has a value of more than £300. As you can imagine, many of the freebies are worth £295, thus avoiding the need to declare it.

Keir Starmer: a piss-poor Cameron tribute act

Parachuted candidates, the cancellation of internal democracy, the lies, double standards and jaw dropping hypocrisy, the racism and antisemitism, the financial recklessness, the trough-clearing, freebie-loving greed, all in one Canary column and yet they still want us to believe this piss-poor Cameron tribute act is going to responsible in government when it is so catastrophically irresponsible in opposition?

Dream on.

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