his latest general election declaration is staggering

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Labour Party leader Keir Starmer has declared he is a socialist and a progressive.

No laughing at the back please.

Tony Benn was a socialist.

Jeremy Corbyn is a socialist.

Robert Owen was a socialist.

Nye Bevan was a socialist.

Diane Abbott is a socialist.

Keir Starmer is a Tory fraud.

Starmer: a neoliberal Trojan horse

Of course, Starmer isn’t the first centre-right neoliberal Trojan horse to rebrand their snake oil as a palatable medicine of hope for the masses.

I am a socialist not through reading a textbook that has caught my intellectual fancy, nor through unthinking tradition, but because I believe that, at its best, socialism corresponds most closely to an existence that is both rational and moral. It stands for cooperation, not confrontation; for fellowship, not fear. It stands for equality.

that was Tony Blair’s maiden speech in the House of Commons, 1983.

You see, Keir Starmer can call himself a socialist in the same way I can call myself an astronaut, an Olympic gold medalist, or even the 15th Dalai Lama in-waiting. But without a shred of meaningful evidence to support my claims I cannot expect anyone to take them seriously.

Around about now, raging little Starmerrhoids will be searching the darkest corners of the internet to prove their socialist, soft left, social democrat, liberal centrist, conservative with a small “c”, neo-Thatcherite, Farage-approved flag-shagging slosh bucket of a leader did actually once stand on a picket line at Paddington.

If such a thing does exist you would do well to make sure the mundane plonker isn’t waiting to be served at Pret.

Never forget where he’s coming from

We won’t ever forget when Keir Starmer — seeking left-wing votes during the 2020 Labour leadership election — turned up to ‘support’ striking McDonalds employees, agreeing with their demand for a £15 an hour wage.

I’m really pleased to be here this morning supporting the staff at McDonald’s, and they’re not asking for the Earth, they’re asking for the basics – £15 an hour”, said Starmer, lying through his teeth as always.

Just a year later, shadow employment rights secretary, Andy McDonald, quit in protest at being told to argue AGAINST a national minimum wage of… £15 per hour.

No part of the Overton Window is safe from a Starmer solidarity encampment. How long will it be before Starmer discusses his profound revolutionary communism in an interview with the new Labour MP for Tel Aviv South, Tommy Robinson?

What part of Keir Starmer’s socialism thought it was fair game for Israel to withhold water and power from the people of Gaza? Is this wretched, opportunistic chameleon for real?

What part of Keir Starmer’s socialism thinks it is a good idea to employ failed Tory policies to confront and conquer the numerous Tory crises left behind after fourteen years of Cameron, May, Johnson, Truss and little Rishi Sunak?

Changing your shirt when you’ve shit your trousers

The desperation of the British people to get shot of the Tories is utterly palpable. But getting rid of Sunak and replacing him with Starmer is like changing your shirt when you have shit your trousers.

An uncomfortable part of me still expects Starmer to quietly agree with Sunak’s ridiculously rushed national service plan.

I can picture these kids being dragged off to some military camp with Prime Minister Keith standing in the background telling a reporter how a bit of conscription before the Battle of the Home Counties never did his old man any harm, and probably made him the renowned toolmaker that he was.

Keir Starmer is not a socialist. I can’t believe I even need to say that. He is an accomplice, not an antagonist, because he is one of their own. Appealing to jingoism with union jacks might work for some, but it does nothing for me.

The Labour Party will be fielding three former Conservative MP’s at the general election on 4 July. No socialist would welcome Natalie Elphicke into their party.

What is the point in talking about Labour’s so-called “broad church” when the cathedral is blatantly positioned in the centre and only actively encourages and welcomes parishioners in from the right while using every undemocratic power within its means to turf out the left?

These factional degenerates that support the ignoble and contemptible Starmer hate socialists more than Tories because their anti-state, pro-big business, fuck human rights ideology is a million miles closer to the Tories than it will ever be to those of us with a social conscience.

Starmer, you ain’t no socialist bro

I am a socialist. The word may well have been sullied by the establishment media, but when have they ever told the truth? I cannot give my vote to a man and a party that has done more to attack socialism and socialists than the Conservatives.

The 93-year-old Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers was absolutely right when they declared the anti-socialist Keir Starmer as “unfit for membership”.

A motion passed at the society’s annual meeting condemned the Labour leader as ‘demonstrably not a socialist’. Among the items on the charge sheet were ‘appalling policy positions’, ‘his behaviour over schools during the pandemic’ and ‘his inaction over abuse of transgender people’.

You ain’t no socialist, bro.

I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask how a young socialist lawyer went from being massively critical of paramilitary policing methods in 1986 to working tirelessly in later years to shield the police from facing accountability, do you? Starmer was (and still is) a servant of the security state.

In the same breath, I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask how a young socialist of apparently working class origins ended up espousing policies barely distinguishable from those of his Conservative opponents, do you?

Power without principles

There’s a long answer, of course, and I’m sure a few of the numerous new left media outlets have covered it. But they need a parliamentary press pass, so they will dilute the truth to keep the politicians on side.

I don’t have such issues, so I’ll give you the short answer.

Power without principles. The fastest route to the top is to abandon any sense of morality, and that is why Keir Starmer is seen by the establishment as a safe pair of hands while the Tory party does a bit of soul searching and gets its shit together.

Keir Starmer, a socialist? This is taking gaslighting to a whole new level.

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