IDF depravity in Gaza is summed up in one, disturbing image

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On 20 February, +972 Magazine posted an article about Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers looting Gazan homes “en masse“. In response, journalist Younis Tirawi posted an image which purportedly shows IDF soldiers posing on the abandoned bicycles of Palestinian children.

The image has been described as “depraved” by many:

‘Most moral army in the world’

Those commenting on the picture were horrified:

Speaking before parliament failed to vote for a ceasefire, one commenter said:


Tirawi was responding to a disturbing article from +972 Magazine which should be read in full. The outlet describes itself as follows:

+972 Magazine is an independent, online, nonprofit magazine run by a group of Palestinian and Israeli journalists. Founded in 2010, our mission is to provide in-depth reporting, analysis, and opinions from the ground in Israel-Palestine. The name of the site is derived from the telephone country code that can be used to dial throughout Israel-Palestine.

The article in question is titled:

Rugs, cosmetics, motorbikes: Israeli soldiers are looting Gaza homes en masse
Soldiers describe how stealing Palestinian property has become totally routine in the Gaza war, with minimal pushback from commanders.

The article notes:

In a communique this week to commanders in charge of units fighting in Gaza, IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi urged soldiers “not to take anything that is not ours.” But this letter comes after several months in which looting has become completely routine.

Details of this “routine” looting are disturbing, with details coming directly from IDF soldiers:

Another soldier, who served in northern and central Gaza, testified that soldiers “took rugs, blankets, [and] kitchen utensils,” and explained that there was no briefing on the matter from the army either before entering or while in the field. “There was zero talk about it from the commanders,” he said. “Everyone knows that people are taking things. It’s considered funny — people say: ‘Send me to The Hague.’ It doesn’t happen in secret. The commanders saw, everyone knows, and no one seems to care.”

As reported, children are not spared from this indignity:

Another soldier who served in Gaza told +972 and Local Call that soldiers took “prayer beads, spoons, glasses, coffee pots, jewelry, rings. Whatever is easy and accessible is taken. Not everything, but people felt like the lords of the land.” He noted also that “maps from children’s textbooks were taken to show how they are taught there.”

The grim assumption seems to be that either these children are already dead, or they won’t be returning to their homes.

Tirawi has highlighted other examples of the looting, among other horrors:

IDF “monsters”

Any notion that this invasion is being fought for just reasons is undone when you see the relish with which it’s conducted by those on the frontline:

Israel‘s obliteration of Gaza and its people needs to stop immediately. And those who supported it need to answer how they could have ever condoned such open displays of depravity.

Featured image via Younis Tirawi

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