Willy Wonka Glasgow-themed birthday card has now hit the shops

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After the Willy Wonka Glasgow immersive experience was compared to a “meth lab”, the police were called, and punters were left furious – now there’s even a birthday card people can buy, which is currently going viral.

Willy Wonka Glasgow: to be seen to be believed

As BBC News reported:

Police were called to an event described as a “Willy Wonka Experience” in Glasgow as angry families demanded refunds.

The event was advertised as a “journey filled with wondrous creations and enchanting surprises at every turn”.

But one visitor told BBC Scotland News that it was little more than “an abandoned, empty warehouse”.

It was cancelled by organisers House of Illuminati mid-way through Saturday following complaints from parents.

They have said full refunds will be given to everyone who bought tickets, reported to have cost up to £35.

If you haven’t seen the full-scale horror that was the Willy Wonka Glasgow experience, then we’d be forgiven for wondering where you’d been:

On X, people were pointing out that the Willy Wonka Glasgow experience was essentially a scam. Organisers used AI technology to create the website and ad campaign – which led people to believe the event was going to be spectacular:

However, it was quite obvious from the website that something wasn’t quite right:

There are political points to be made amid the chaos, too:

Of course – and somewhat predictably – the failed event is already being hailed as one of the moments of 2024:

And, as if by magic, you can now buy Willy Wonka disaster-themed merch marking the real-world dramedy.

A birthday card? Yes, it exists already.

thortful is an online greetings card marketplace, providing a platform for independent creatives to sell their designs from all over the globe. thortful pay their creators an industry-leading royalty rate each time one of their card designs are sold, as well as handling all production and customer queries, providing a quick and easy service for both customers and sellers.

Now, it’s platforming a birthday card inspired by the Willy Wonka Glasgow disastrous event.

The card from thortful reads “For your birthday I thought I’d treat you to a ticket to The Wonka Experience,” with an image of the event that went completely wrong.

Willy Wonka birthday card

A spokesperson from thortful commented on the new card:

We feel sorry for the people that were looking forward to an exciting day out, so we wanted to create something for people to see the funny side of it.

The Willy Wonka Glasgow card is available to buy here.

Featured image via thortful

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