wheels fall off clown car campaign even further in Devon

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Not that most of you would need telling, but so far Rishi Sunak’s general election campaign has been a joke – or rather, as the Canary’s Hannah Sharland put it, he’s been a:

slimy politician… cosplaying like someone that gives a crap about the general public – because it’s a general election.

But if you were unsure of just how hilarious it is – even the usually tightly-controlled media ops have gone disastrously wrong for the Tories. One in Devon was especially delicious – if you happen to hate the PM.

Sunak: ‘Akshata, I’ve pierced my foot on a spike!’

Sunak has been out on the campaign trail with the air of Alan Partridge at a funeral meets Margo Ledbetter trying to do allotment things on The Good Life

ED: Gen Z: these are both shows you can watch on the black device that sits in the corner of the room you never go in at your parents’ house. 


Then, Sunak trying to be like the common people with a £750 quid monogrammed rucksack:

And of course, all this from the man who will go down in history as the one who announced the general election in the pouring rain:

Sorry, wrong image:

Of course, if Sunak thinks none of that is washing with the public – then his plan B is to lie. Either lie about Labour’s plans:

Or lie about his own:

Unfortunately for Sunak, nothing – LITERALLY nothing – appears to be working, as an unfortunate media op at a factory showed.

If you didn’t laugh, you’d probably cry

Sunak had once again turned up at some poor fuckers’ workplace where their boss has ordered them to either a) look like they’re living their best life, or b) try at least not to fucking laugh. Of course, this is far easier if said workers are actually Tory plants – like the already infamous ‘Not McVitie’s-Gate‘ incident.

However, this wasn’t the case on Wednesday 29 May – and some wiley lass clearly didn’t read point B, ‘try not to fucking laugh’, on the memo:

X predictably went into a dragging frenzy:

Apparently, Sunak’s ‘heavies’ quickly moved in. Or rather, in the PM’s case his heavies from Oxford Uni’s bridge club:

Meme gold:

Our girl wasn’t just grimacing on that one bit, either. Watch the full clip and she’s literally trolling him throughout:

Of course, the serious point to all this is that the wheels had fallen off the Tory clown car general election campaign even before Sunak had removed his sodden Savile Row suit on 22 May.

General deflection

The Conservative Party is doomed – and the Neo Conservative Party (Labour) on course for victory. As the Canary previously wrote of the former:

We’re not even a week into this election yet, and Sunak is already acting desperately. This time next Sunday, we might be looking back at national service as the most sensible policy proposal he ever had.

But as the Canary’s Rachael Swindon wrote of the latter:

Power without principles. The fastest route to the top is to abandon any sense of morality, and that is why Keir Starmer is seen by the establishment as a safe pair of hands while the Tory party does a bit of soul searching and gets its shit together.

Sunak’s campaign is undeniably cringe/hilarious in equal measure – but what we’ll be left with post-4 July is no laughing matter.

Featured image via the Canary

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