Tory MP’s furious lies about Just Stop Oil don’t wash

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Just Stop Oil supporters disrupted Conservative MP Mark Jenkinson’s office over his “criminal” support for a new coal mine. However, Jenkinson – much like nearly every other snivelling MP – branded the activists “lunatics”, claiming they were trying to “force entry” into his office. In fact, all Just Stop Oil did was ring the doorbell.

Mark Jenkinson: lies about Just Stop Oil

At around 11:45am in 15 March, a group of around ten Just Stop Oil supporters gathered outside Jenkinson’s office holding signs, some of which read: ‘The Future is Not in Coal or Tory Lies’, and ‘Don’t Listen to Jenkinson, Listen to the Science’:

The supporters fastened a list of Mark Jenkinson’s crimes to his office windows which were swiftly removed by a staff member.

Mark Jenkinson however refused to speak with the constituents. Instead, he took to X to perpetuate lies about Just Stop Oil. Jenkinson said activists ‘harassed’ his staff and tried to ‘force entry’ to his office:

Of course, Just Stop Oil’s video from the day tells a different story.

A serial liar?

Jenkinson has been a vocal supporter of the Cumbrian Coal mine which received government approval in 2022. The government’s own climate adviser Lord Deben has described the project as “indefensible” warning that its approval would damage the UK’s leadership on the climate crisis, and “create another example of Britain saying one thing and doing another”.

Moreover, Jenkinson’s preposterous accusations against Just Stop Oil are part of a wider attempt by the Tories and Labour to crack down on peaceful protest, dissent, and freedom of assembly. Plus, he has form on manipulating the actions of people he disagrees with.

As Nursing Notes reported:

The UKIP former parliamentary candidate turned Conservative MP for Workington, Mark Jenkinson, has been accused of clipping a TV clip of registered nurse Holly Turner publicly slamming the government over the state of the NHS.

In his clipped version of the Question Time clip uploaded to X (formally Twitter), Mr Jenkinson made it seem that Ms Turner claimed the NHS was worse off under a Labour government than it is now.

However, in the original Question Time clip, she is clearly calling out the current government over the ongoing healthcare crisis.

A ‘dangerous extremist’ – and that’s Jenkinson

One of those taking action from Just Stop Oil was Fiona Atkinson, a retired teacher from Kendal. She said:

As a grandma I feel for all the parents and grandparents in Cumbria who don’t want this mine on their doorstep because they know the last thing any of us need right now is more filthy fossil fuels. Burning them kills eight million people a year and adds to the carbon that’s overheating our only home.

Mark Jenkinson refuses to deal with the reality of climate breakdown even though it’s clearly happening everywhere including right here in Cumbria. A new coal mine is a crime against humanity and going all out for it makes him a climate criminal. As an MP he is required to act in the public interest – it’s time for him to realise that means no new coal.

Another taking action was Margaret Reid, a retail worker from Kendal. She said:

Mark Jenkinson is a climate criminal and climate crisis denier right here on our own doorstep in Cumbria. He’s consistently pursuing climate-wrecking policies which will bring misery to the very local communities that he’s meant to protect.

I just can’t listen to his lies and bluster any longer – and we simply can’t afford to keep listening to people like him either, with climate breakdown happening all around us right now. It’s time to call him out on the consequences of his actions. We’re the sane ones here – he’s the dangerous extremist.

Stop whining, Jenkinson

Chris McDonald, chief executive of the Materials Processing Institute, which serves as the UK’s national centre for steel research, said there was no demand from his industry for the West Cumbria mine. He stated:

There isn’t anyone in the steel industry who’s calling for the mine… British Steel have said they cannot use the coal from this mine because the sulphur levels are too high.

Moreover, the government’s advisory Climate Change Committee (CCC) points out that 85% of the coal produced in Whitehaven is likely to be exported.

But clearly, it’s Just Stop Oil that are the “lunatics’ – right, Jenkinson?

Featured image via Just Stop Oil and GB News – YouTube

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