the final stab in Corbyn’s back

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Spotted: serial saboteur and Corbyn back-stabber Tom Watson out on the doorsteps. In his local constituency? Don’t be ridiculous. The shameless rightwing opportunist has been out and about in Islington North, of course:

Naturally, Watson is backing Labour’s private healthcare profiteer Praful Nargund in the former Labour leader’s constituency. As a person on X pointed out, the pair of exploitative corporate capitalists make perfect bedfellows:

Just hours earlier, the Canary reported how Labour has been pushing vast numbers of activists into Islington North on election day. So of course Watson would flock to be among them.

According to a person on X, Labour’s legion of Starmerite sell-outs have been up to the same old tricks. Specifically, the problem with people thinking Corbyn is still the Labour candidate is rearing it’s head. And Labour candidates are apparently playing on this. The poster suggested the presence of the Lord of ‘Trotskyist entryism’ conspiracists could explain the dodgy tactics going on:

After all, it wouldn’t be the first time the former Corbyn deputy-turned-traitor and his right-wing chums employed unscrupulous means to rig things.

Weasel Tom Watson spotted in Islington North

A couple of people on X highlighted that it’s going to be a close call in Watson’s home constituency:

Guardian columnist Owen Jones echoed this point. He raised how there are countless Tory seats Labour is on the cusp of securing that Watson could have gone to. Instead, he’s once again baying for Corbyn’s political defeat:

As another person pointed out, ousting left-wing voices is Starmer’s Labour writ large:

From one Thatcherite Tory fanboy to another, he’s right at home:

With friends like these…

With Labour Friends of Israel, who needs enemies. Unless, like with warmongering Watson, there’s a socialist threatening to hold your political donors to account for a literal genocide:

Unsurprisingly then, Watson was among some despicable friends-in-high places:

Moreover, now Labour appears to be swiftly U-turning on abolishing the House of Lords, it’s perhaps no wonder the careerist has crawled out of the woodwork:

Corbyn to win? Watson not betting on that

Fortunately, the good people of Islington North know a sleaze-bag when they see it. So as the Canary’s Rachel Swindon said, Watson swanning in can only be a good thing for Corbyn:

And if the bookies are anything to go by, Corbyn’s people-powered campaign just might leave Labour in its dust:

One thing’s for sure, the independent politician has given Labour – and betting firm adviser Watson – a heck more of a fight than they gambled on.

Featured image via the Canary

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