Starmer has done 16 relaunches and still the Labour Party stinks

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The British media — fervently committed to talking about anything other than Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza — have spent much of the past week trying to present Keir Starmer’s SIXTEENTH Labour Party relaunch as a leadership-defining moment for the amoral leader of the opposition.

Starmer’s insidious relationship with the right-wing billionaire corporate media becomes more apparent as the days and weeks pass.

But yes, SIXTEEN relaunches. Just imagine having to sit through sixteen of those with the ham-faced hypocrite Starmer droning on.

16 relaunches in, and ham-faced Starmer still isn’t the messiah

Let me jog your memory with just a small selection of the focus-group-created slogans we have seen during these frequent relaunch events:

  • Under New Management.
  • A New Chapter for Britain.
  • Secure, Protect, Rebuild.
  • Security, Prosperity, Respect.
  • Build a Better Britain.

We’ve had 10 pledges, five missions, six fixes, four years of lies and deceit that gives the Johnsonite Tories a run for their money, three Tory MPs that now feel at home in the Labour Party, Lord only knows how many major U-turns, at least 13 of his shadow cabinet taking donations from the pro-Israel lobby – yet they want us to believe Keir Starmer is the new Messiah rather than a duplicitous bore with the charm of an untreated dental abscess?

I bet you didn’t know his dad was a toolmaker.

The deceit and the duplicity of Starmer and his Tory-lite Labour Party is quite staggering. Never before has a political party made this many commitments just to tear them to shreds at the first sign of a sympathetic audience with the unscrupulous elite.

Labour is now an entirely unsupportable entity for the left. It thrives on nepotism and cronyism, and is institutionally racist, no different to the divisive and hateful Conservative governments of the past fourteen miserable years.

Keir Starmer did manage to uphold one of his promises — just the one — when he said he was going to change Labour, because Labour is now a party that is reliably obedient to power.

The elite switching from Tory to Labour

The immoral wealth of the elite has switched from the Conservatives to Labour in the blink of an eye.

What the hell is the point in power without principles? When your decisions are influenced not by the needs of the nation, but the greed of your super rich donors?

I will keep repeating this until I’m blue in the face. Keir Starmer and Wes Streeting, the likely next prime minister and secretary of state for health and social care, both receive vast sums of cash from donors with private healthcare interests.

If you think the next Labour government is going to ride to the rescue of the NHS there’s probably very little hope for you, in all truths.

Your NHS will not be safe under a Labour government led by an indolent Keir Starmer and advised by wholly discredited stains upon the fabric of humanity, such as Epstein Mandelson and Baghdad Blair.

The Labour Party is back in the establishment fold, freed from the politics of hope, and Keir Starmer has secured his place as the first ever leader of the opposition to completely sell out before they have achieved power.

Was this the sort of change you had in mind when Keir Starmer fooled the Labour Party membership into voting for him with yet another slogan?

The Labour leader insisted “Another Future is Possible”, back in 2020, when the left commentariat insisted we would be getting “Corbynism without Corbyn”.

But this future with the malevolent Labour leader looks remarkably like the increasingly-authoritarian recent past and present under the current fascist Tory government.

But a glimmer of real hope is on the horizon in the shape of Collective.

There is an alternative

Not heard of us? You will soon, from me in the unashamedly-left, anti-establishment Canary, and a bonafide broad coalition of left-wing groups, organisations, independent parliamentary candidates, and grassroots activists.

Seen and heard it all before? Give Collective a chance, because we are growing a movement based around the principles and values of Jeremy Corbyn and the Peace and Justice Project.

We are utterly determined to turn Collective into the political party that we so desperately need and want and I am convinced we have the right people and political figures in place to make this a HUGE success.

Wink wink, nudge nudge.

We have already been accused of being a “front”, and I absolutely cannot deny that because we are a front for peace, justice, equality, and humanity, and you know what? I’m really proud of that.

I cannot simply abandon my principles to fit in with the mainstream narrative, and why should I?

Sure, the Green Party has a tonne of Corbynesque policies and commitments that are being touted on social media, and I absolutely applaud them for that.

But I wholeheartedly believe we need something new to build upon with a leadership team that can be trusted, and I’m afraid I just don’t get that vibe from the Green’s deputy leader – a man that once offered hypnotherapy to women who were seeking breast enlargement, and happily joined in with the ‘Corbyn is an antisemite’ lie.

It was a scam. I won’t forget what the nasty bastards did to Jeremy, and I won’t forgive anyone that was a part of spreading these vile, hurtful lies for the sake of a few likes and a pat on the head from your media friends.

Starmer must at least be on history’s right side

Change is inevitable. Starmer will have his moment, but I predict it won’t be anything like the 200+ seat majority some of the polls are throwing up.

Before I go and do Sunday things I have a plea to make.

Please don’t stop talking about Palestine. Distractions will come and go, but the issue of Palestine will not be resolved until Israel is held to account for its brutal genocide and the state of Palestine is free from Israeli occupation.

And for their part, the next Labour government must commit to ending arms sales to Israel, call for an immediate end to the Gaza genocide, and unilaterally recognise the state of Palestine within the first 100 days of government, not just for electoral necessity but also to find themselves on the right side of history.

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