people have voted independent for the first time ever

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During the #CanaryCandidates interviews, the Canary spoke to Maddison Wheeldon, an independent candidate in Warrington North. She has offered voters a democratic alternative to the out-of-touch political status quo, promising them community assemblies so they can decide what their priorities are and how to deal with them.

And on general election day, we checked in with her again for some reflections on her campaign.

Election reflections

Many people told her:

they’ve voted Independent for the first time in their life and how much better they feel after placing their vote, no longer giving in to voting through fear or for the lesser evil, and being able to vote for who they actually could relate to and have confidence in – that was really lovely to hear!

She also sent a final message for anyone who hasn’t voted yet:

So many people want “someone that they can trust”

Wheeldon said that people both within the constituency and outside it (in nearby places like Manchester, St Helens, and Liverpool) have appreciated her natural passion and warmth and would love to have her as their MP.

It’s amazed me how many have contacted saying they wished I was their MP candidate and that they could vote for me – which has been lovely… It’s long been so important to me to add to the positive in people’s day.

Her impression is that so many people are crying out for “someone that they can trust to not be afraid to do or speak for what’s right”. She also asserted that:

The impression I’ve gotten is people are instinctively wanting to come together and bring communities together, but are feeling a complete apathy on that front with the parties and their candidates feeling cold or untrustworthy/uncaring. That’s the impression I’m getting from the conversations I’m having and the assembly the other day – our instincts to rebuild our communities and come together are definitely strong this year.

If there isn’t a positive alternative, however, she thinks far-right parties like Reform may benefit. Because some people, she stressed, are “rallying to Reform as they’re being given hate to come together in, rather than hope”.

Fortunately, whatever the result is in this general election, Wheeldon’s message of hope is not going away. She is committed to keep building people power in the community. And she’s already planning to stand in the next election. As she insisted:

I am going to be the thorn in this government’s side, building a lobby power of the people

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