Nadine Dorries was the gift that inadvertently gave last night

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As predicted, the Tories didn’t have a good night. Least of all, former culture minister Nadine Dorries – who shit the bed live on Channel 4. For long-suffering general election all-nighters, it was proper comedy gold.

Not once, not twice, too many times to count, the Boris Johnson groupie gaffed on air. Fact checkers weep.

Thankfully, Channel 4’s Emily Maitlis and Krishnan Guru-Murphy were on the case.

Nadine Dorries in general election gaffe night glory

Maitlis and co-presenter Guru-Murphy and former New Labour spokesman (turned alleged war criminal) Alastair Campbell hosted the Channel 4 News election results special.

The three quizzed MPs throughout the course of the night, including Harriet Harman and Kwasi Kwarteng. However, the indisputable highlights of the evening came from a repeatedly blundering Nadine Dorries.

In one scene, Dorries claimed the reason the for the Tories election wipe-out to Reform was Sunak dropping a bunch of the party’s policies. Maitlis corrected her her on one glaring error over Sunak and the Windsor Framework. In particular, contrary to her garble about him ditching it, it was in fact his policy:

Then, in another part of the Nadine Dorries election gaffe-fest, she called out Campbell over Tony Blair’s resignation honours list. Only, he didn’t have one:

And on that note, people commented on the absolute gift that was Dorries’ fellow interviewee Harriet Harman, being there in the studio alongside her. The long-time Labour MP made it into Keir Starmer’s crony honors catalogue. Needless to say, Dorries did not:

Blushing and blundering over Boris Johnson

Playing up the tension between Campbell and Nadine Dorries, Maitlis threw down the gauntlet. Who would get a text first from their former prime minister pals? Following this, Dorries, looking distinctly flustered, confessed to panel he’d messaged her. Unfortunately, the British public can only speculate at what it said, because a coy Dorries was keeping tight-lipped about it:

Giddy school-girl vibes palpable, Campbell told the Boris idoliser to “get over Boris Johnson”:

Predictably, Dorries was NOT happy, but people on X were gleeful at Campbell saying what everyone has been thinking:

And it all only got better from there. If the Tory panellists thought the Boris Johnson questions were tough, Guru-Murphy reminded them that they hadn’t even got onto Liz Truss:

Hit the road jackasses, and don’t you come back

Back to Boris, (because of course), and Maitlis this time pressed Nadine Dorries on whether the former prime minister might return to the fold. Gloriously delicious scenes ensued:

Deer in the headlights, Dorries deflected, saying that her missives with Johnson contained only high-brow dissection of the election results (sure they did).

The icing on the cake came when – after too many probing Boris questions – both Dorries and Kwarteng high-tailed from the studio:

Like the Tories rapidly scooting out from parliament this election, good riddance, we’d say!

Feature image via Channel 4 – X

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