more footage showing the media’s bias comes to light

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The corporate media are do everything in their power to undermine George Galloway’s by-election victory – but failing miserably (and laughably). Now, an incredibly awkward video has shown BBC staff holding a markedly uncivil conversation in Rochdale.

At one point, a man is seen pointing at his camera viewer and asking:

Why the fuck was this cunt just right there?

It’s unclear who the “cunt” in question was. What’s very interesting, however, is that just before this the people seemed to agree it was okay to ‘barge people out of the way’ to capture the footage.

Very interesting indeed. Because lest we not forget, after Galloway’s byelection victory in Rochdale, the media attempted to paint the town’s residents as a bunch of rowdy hoodlums:


The video in question features Newnight editor Nicholas Watt. Here he is that same evening failing to predict the subsequent landslide victory:

It’s unclear who recorded the video, but it was posted by George Galloway MP, and subsequently commented on by activists including Lowkey:

In addition to Watt, the video features a woman and a man holding a camera. It’s difficult to make out the first words from the camera man, but he’s looking at footage on the camera’s viewer as he says:

had to fucking barge people out of the way.

It’s not quite clear if he’s saying he had to barge people out of the way or if someone else did, but he’s looking at footage on the camera hanging around his neck as he says it.

In response, the woman says something that sounds like:

No, but, if

While the first part is unclear, what she says next is not:

That’s fine.

In response to people getting ‘barged out of the way’, she says “that’s fine”.

Fine and dandy.

What happens next is seemingly less than fine from her perspective, as she turns around; realises she’s being filmed; gasps in apparent panic, and then nervously glances around. She then nods at the camera footage and says:

Yeah, you got it.

And now we get to the ‘cuntgate’ part, as the camera man animatedly points at his camera and asks:

Why the fuck was this cunt just right there?

The cunt in question? Unclear. At least as far as his video is concerned, anyway. Some might watch this footage and know exactly who the cunt – or cunts – are.

What happens next is perhaps the most cringe part of the video, as Watt looks at the video; mutters something indecipherable; suddenly realises he’s being filmed; panics; gestures to the other two that they’re being watched, and then smiles as if he’s auditioning to be the next Joker.

Galloway Galloway

Nightmare fuel. And somehow even scarier in motion.

As he’s smiling, Watt seems to say:


He then shuffles towards the person filming, mutters something, and says:

introduce myself.

The camera faces downwards as Watt asks “How do you do?”. In response, the person capturing the footage says “Pleased to meet you”. Political mastermind Watt then asks the question he’s presumably terrified to know the answer to:

Are you involved in the campaign?

The answer comes immediately:


Respectability Politics

George Galloway was unarguably successful in the Rochdale byelection because he supports an end to Israel’s hostilities in Gaza. The ICJ is currently investigating the invasion of Gaza, with Israel potentially guilty of committing genocide. Genocide is what many would consider to be the worst crime of all, and as such the situation is very unpopular in Britain:

Labour and the Conservatives have moved from being supportive of the invasion to claiming they want a ceasefire yet doing nothing to support such a resolution. Arguably, they’re actually working hard to ensure a ceasefire doesn’t happen.

So that’s the situation. Our political leaders are continuing to support what looks very much like an unfolding genocide despite overwhelming public disgust, and of course people are angry about this.

Of course they’re furious.

And yet the media seems more disturbed by people voicing this anger than they do by the politicians supporting the atrocities (even though they’re not even voicing it that strongly):

Galloway: democracy in action

In response to the democratic election of George Galloway, Rishi Sunak held a special press briefing to claim that democracy is in peril:

In response, Starmer agreed with everything his alleged opponent had to say:

This did nothing to dispel what Galloway had earlier said about the two men:

Whether Labour or the Tories like it or not, the public doesn’t like them, and in Rochdale they used their democratic right to vote for someone else – Galloway.

And whether the media likes it or not, people are wise to their crap reporting – reporting which is limp at best; pro-establishment more often than not, and typified by a willingness to ‘barge’ the public – and their views – out of shot.

Featured image via an unknown supporter of the George Galloway campaign

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