Laurence Fox becomes classic ‘bus wanker’ meme after goon rally

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On Saturday 1 June, several thousand goons descended on London – probably not expecting a bus to end up the centre of attention:

This latest protest was supposedly about ‘two-tiered’ policing, which was weird because the attendees were chanting things like “who the fuck is Allah?”. While they might be unsure who Allah is, we can tell you definitively that he doesn’t work for the Met Police.

Like all such protests, this one ended with a seemingly drunk goon getting himself into trouble. Hilariously, the goon in question was failed London Mayor Laurence Fox:

Laurence Fox: bang tidy (the goon rally, not him)

Laurence Fox claims that the goon rally was “clean”, “tidy” and “respectful”:

What Fox mistook for cleanliness, however, may have been streets rinsed with piss:


Nick Lowles of Hope not Hate was one of the people documenting the “respectful” behaviour of the goons:

Lowles was of the opinion that for all his self-promotion, Fox is a very minor player in all this – what his friends might think of as a ‘beta goon’:

Ironically, the goons who are dead against foreign influence seem content for Britain to carry on serving as America’s lapdog:

Meanwhile, left-wing counter protestor Dr Louise Raw had this message for soon-to-be-redundant MP Suella Braverman:

Mukhtar vs Fox

Another person documenting the day was Mukhtar – the man Laurence Fox infamously failed to sue. Byline Times interviewed Mukhtar on that matter:

I told Laurence Fox he was ‘a racist piece of shit’ on social media, and stand by every word

He added:

Fox’s threat of libel action against me was ridiculous and never stood a chance of succeeding. He tried to flex his muscles and bully me, and it didn’t work. If I continue to call out Laurence Fox as a racist, he can try to sue me again if he wants, but he won’t because he knows he’ll lose.

And he didn’t lose to just anybody, he lost – badly, and very publicly – to a young Black boy. I think that will have hurt and embarrassed him. Now he even gets heckled about it in the streets.

That saga spawned from this tweet of Fox’s:

On Saturday 1 June, Mukhtar provided observations such as the following:

The tweet that really captured everyone’s attention, however, was the following:

Laurence Fox: bus wanker

Mukhtar’s tweets provided interesting commentary on the aftermath of the accident:

According to Mukhtar, Laurence Fox failed to live up to his ‘man of the people’ image (not that surprising given the man in question wasn’t white):

Twitter user Michael Morgan uploaded a video in which Fox can be heard discussing the crash with the driver:

To give Fox the benefit of the doubt, he had just been in a car crash with a bus, so may have been concussed. Additionally, he’d spent several hours at a goon rally which almost certainly destroyed several of his remaining brain cells.

Regardless of Fox’s state of sobriety, people had fun with it:

Some people pointed out that Fox recently claimed he was leaving the capital – a story we reported on at the time:

Perhaps funniest of all is this allegation:

We verified this ourselves:

According to RAC, Fox could be fined up to £1,000 for this, with that amount rising if he failed an MOT because the car was found to be ‘dangerous’. That’s a drop in the ocean to Fox, obviously, given that he was recently ordered to pay £180k after losing a different court case.


Protesters arguing it’s ‘London not Londonistan’ might be interested to know the capital’s history, given that it was originally founded by the Romans.

While the Romans weren’t Muslim, they also weren’t natives of the British Isles. Following the logic these people don’t have, should London be returned to the Romans? Or should so-called British people with Roman, Viking, and/or French DNA be split into parts and deported back to where their ancestors came from?

The past has been and gone, and the world we have now is the only one we can build from.

Do we want a world in which several thousand goons dictate who can and can’t live here?

No, of course not. And if people don’t like that London is and always has been multicultural, maybe they should do what they keep threatening to do and leave:

It’s like the old saying goes: ‘if you can’t take the pace of modern life, get out of the bus lane‘:

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