Labour potentially eyeing up more left-wing candidates to purge

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Don’t get me wrong, the Tories deserve an almighty drubbing of biblical proportions at the general election on 4 July, but is the Keir Starmer Labour Party a worthy benefactor of this rightful discontent for the Tories?

Of course it isn’t.

‘Tory enablers’… blah, blah, blah

No matter how often and how loud the supporters of no-change-whatsoever Starmer scream and shout that the general election is a binary choice, this is simply a lie.

Pointing this out will see you labelled a “Tory enabler”, which is pretty damn rich coming from the same puddles of piss that worked against Jeremy Corbyn to lumber the British people with a hard-right, headbanging Conservative government headed up by the preposterous Etonian scarecrow, Johnson.

There is no Corbynite-Tory axis. This is a bizarre invention from the Starmerites that makes even less sense when you consider their leader is quite clearly a Tory.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, possibly until I turn as blue in the face as the rosette pinned to Starmer’s chest. This is a Labour Party in name only.

The Labour Party: in name only

A Labour Party that commits to further NHS privatisation is a Labour Party in name only.

A Labour Party that brazenly takes cash from ex-Tory donors with interests in private health care is a Labour Party in name only.

A Labour Party that refuses to stand in solidarity with the working classes that have never needed a hefty pay rise as much as what they do right now is a Labour Party in name only.

A Labour Party that cannot lay out a comprehensive plan that is meticulously designed to put an end to homelessness and rough sleeping is a Labour Party in name only.

A Labour Party that treats millions of disabled people with the same vicious contempt as the Conservative governments of the past fourteen years is a Labour Party in name only.

A Labour Party that has abandoned even the slightest pretense of possessing a functioning internal democracy and continues to stitch up the selection process in favour of centre-right Starmer-sympathising carpet baggers is a Labour Party in name only.

The Purge: Election Year

The left purge isn’t a new thing. The Canary was documenting it in 2020. I am shocked that anyone else is shocked by the racist and cruel treatment of Diane Abbott.

Keir Starmer ditched the dissenting left some time ago. What you are seeing now is people on the soft left such as Faiza Shaheen and Lloyd Russell-Moyle — hardly raging Corbynites — being cleared out for fresh right-wing Starmer loyalists.

One particular imposition that caught the headlines was in North Durham where the director of ‘We Believe in Israel’, the hard-right NEC member Luke Akehurst, has been gifted a safe Labour stronghold.

Akehurst, who calls himself a “Zionist shitlord”, may well end up being given a minister of state position, or perhaps they can create a Secretary of State for genocide complicity for the malignant toad?

Reading that back, just how far has the socialist Labour party of Hardie, Attlee, Bevan, and Benn had to fall to become the crony capitalist party of Starmer, Akehurst, Streeting, and Reeves, under the guidance of Peter Mandelson?

I genuinely wish the leader of the Labour Party would take a week off from being a ridiculous affront to human decency. While the opportunist Starmer will only be thinking about the next election, it’s the next generation I feel truly sorry for.

Starmer: a ‘safe pair of hands’ – just not for you or me

Keir Starmer is undoubtedly a safe pair of hands for the ruling class, and that makes him an unsafe pair of hands for the millions of us that used to believe the Labour Party was the only credible vehicle for societal change.

You only need to look at where private healthcare cash is heading to get an idea of the access and influence being indirectly purchased behind the scenes in Keir Starmer’s “changed” Labour Party.

Why would Yvette Cooper take £295,000 from donors with links to private healthcare? What about Keir Starmer? Some £157,000 has ended up with the Labour leader. Why?

And then there’s the painfully obnoxious Pet Shop Boy, Wes Streeting, the shadow secretary of state for health and social care. He ended up with a very generous £193,000 from donors with links to private healthcare. Why? Are there no alarm bells ringing?

In total, Labour’s front bench has pocketed an eye-watering £783,000 from donors with links to the private healthcare industry, leaving us in absolutely no doubt as to why bleating Streeting said just this week:

We will go further than New Labour ever did. I want the NHS to form partnerships with the private sector that goes beyond just hospitals.

This isn’t Blairism on steroids but Toryism on Tramadol and Temazepam, washed down with a pint of Tequila.

Oddly enough, Wesley, private healthcare companies that have been awarded contracts to run NHS services need to make an obscenely immoral profit to satisfy their shareholders, and this ghoulish quest to make a killing out of our health has already lead to a mountain of catastrophic and expensive failures by private non-NHS organisations.

You can’t trust them

This rotten and corrupt Labour Party cannot be trusted with your NHS, no more or less than the bastards that have defunded and demoralised our greatest socialist creation over the past fourteen miserable years.

Do you really trust the Labour Party — proudly funded by Tory donors — to end the cronyism and corruption that has been synonymous with the last fourteen years of Conservative clusterfuckery? I don’t.

Fellow Canary columnist, Dr Julia Grace Patterson, summed it up quite nicely when she asked her 275,000 followers on X:

I wonder if Labour will have any socialist MPs left by the time we get to election day?

I must say, Dr Ju is a fantastic NHS activist and a bloody good author. But the shit she has received from the angry Starmerite mob for condemning the genocide in Gaza, and for consistently exposing the Labour Party’s profoundly concerning relationship with the private healthcare industry has been both utterly unwarranted and at times, typically vile and abusive.

The answer to her question is yes, probably just a few that will remain committed to firing-off a letter of disapproval on Socialist Campaign Group headed-paper every time another comrade from a Black or brown background is kicked out of the party for the crime of liking a Green Party tweet twelve years ago, or worse still, attending a protest in 1981.

We don’t need another Tory Party

The cull of the leftists isn’t over. I know of at least another six socialist left-wing candidates at risk of being axed by Morgan McSweeny and Keir Starmer.

And this only leaves me with one question to pose before we talk again on Wednesday:

Why on earth do we need another Tory Party when the Tory Party in power is dying on its arse?

We don’t.

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