Keir Starmer gets a home visit from Just Stop Oil. They’ll be called ‘extremists’, we’re sure.

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On Wednesday 28 February, a Just Stop Oil supporter who has been a constituent of Keir Starmer for 12 years delivered him a letter asking that he leave the Labour Party if, within six months of them forming government, they fail to revoke the Tory oil and gas licenses issued since 2021.

Labour: ‘not listening’ to Just Stop Oil

Clive Jennings, an artist from Camden, said today:

Our democracy is supposed to work by representation – where our elected Members of Parliament represent us in Parliament, fighting for us on a local, national and international scale. I’ve been a Labour voter and activist for 50 years, and for 12 years I’ve been voting for my MP Keir Starmer, but my voice and the voices of many other Labour voters isn’t being heard.

The new oil and gas licenses that Rishi Sunak has been giving away are doing nothing to cut down my energy bills, but they are putting us in massive danger. How can the UK be a global leader if we’re not even able to get started with an energy transition? If the Labour Party can’t get behind the public’s demand for safe, cheap renewable energy then clearly there is something seriously wrong with politics.

It’s not the first time Just Stop Oil has visited Starmer. Last Christmas, the group held a carol concert outside his house – until scrooge cops got involved and forced them to leave.

Elsewhere in London, Just Stop Oil supporter Joe Aggarwal, a project manager from Shoreditch, delivered a letter with the same ask to the home of their local MP Rushanari Ali, of Bethnal Green and Bow. He said:

The Labour Party is more of the same: suicidal climate policy, genocidal foreign policy and oppressive economic policy. I say: ‘No more’.

Starmer is more of the same

Both these actions come after several Just Stop Oil supporters disrupted a fundraiser held by Labour frontbencher Anneliese Dodds. As the Canary previously reported, they also called on her to leave the party in six months for the same reasons:

As the world passes tipping points that threaten the breakdown of ordered civilisation, world leaders, captured by the interests of oil lobbyists and big business, are failing to protect our communities.

British citizens are sick of being led by liars and crooks – including by the looks of it, Starmer. Until we stop Tory oil, supporters of Just Stop Oil will continue taking proportionate action to demand necessary change. Sign up for action at

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