Greek call centre workers strike over pay and migrant treatment

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Greek call centre workers went on strike on Wednesday 13 March – joining colleagues in France as well. It was over pay, conditions, and crucially the racist and discriminatory treatment of migrant workers in Greece’s call centres.

Greek call centre workers on strike

With a massive new strike, workers in call centre companies in Greece demanded wage increases, collective contracts, and an end to the slave trade practices with the “special purpose visa” for migrant workers in call centres, where thousands of migrants work alongside Greek colleagues:

Migrant workers in Greek call centres are paid less than their counterparts – prompting angry placards at the strikes:

A placard that reads "same responsibilities same salary"

In fact, after the official foundation of two new trade unions representing workers from the companies Teleperformance and Webhelp, the strikers yesterday were even more determined in the battle they are fighting, overcoming the threats and blackmails escalated by the employers:

A placard that reads "you fucked with the wrong numbers"

It is significant that many of them were striking even though they are under performance “evaluation”, i.e. “hostage” status by the employer. Also, young workers who had not taken the step in the two previous strikes also took part, sending a message to the employers that their struggle is not being defused, but is instead escalating.

“Enough is enough” was typically heard over and over again:


It came with one voice from Greek and migrant workers, both in the rallies outside the companies’ offices in Athens and outside the parliament:

a group of striking Greek call centre workers waving flags and holding banners

Enough is enough

There, the Greek call centre strikers all met up –  responding to the joint strike call of the sectoral Telecommunications Information Technology Trade Union (SETIP) of Attica and the newly established Teleperformance (SETEP) and Webhelp (WUW) trade unions:

Ferhat Tum, president of the Greek call centre workers’ union of Teleperformance, said:

We fought another battle despite the employers’ blackmail to stop the strike. Today we gave them another answer. Let them come now to discuss the Collective Contract.

While at the same time with their colleagues in Greece, the workers of Teleperformance and Webhelp in France went on strike:

They were joined by the workers from Majorel, with a fight that gave a new and important impetus to the struggles of the sector.

Featured image and additional images via PAME International 

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