Foodbank shuts up shop for the election; the perfect metaphor

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A single post on X is the most fitting metaphor for this absolute clown show of a general election.

In the North London district of Hornsey, a member of the public spotted a sign tied to the railings outside a local church-turned-polling station:

Foodbank shutting – a call for a Tory wipe-out

Naturally, people couldn’t help note the irony. After fourteen years of devastating, and deadly Tory austerity, a local foodbank had to shut up shop for the latest charade of political spot the difference:

People were holding it up as the physical manifestation of the reasons NOT to vote Conservative. First there was eat out to help out. Now, it’s vote out, to even get fucking fed. But not today of course. Elections are only about establishment grifters on the ballot, didn’t you know?

What’s more, heating or eating met its match on voting day:

The two-party Tory system

In effect, the broken electoral system, just got more screwed up. Putting political hootenanny above feeding folks about sums up everything wrong in two-party-Tory Britain:

Ultimately, it was the perfect allegory for the Tories fucking over poor, working class, and marginalised communities the UK over.

In the time since they took power, foodbanks have leapt in number from just 35 in 2010, to over 2,800 by 2022. Between April 2023 and March 2024, the Trussell Trust had to distribute over 3.1 million emergency food parcels.

However, it’s not as if a little parliamentary musical chairs with Labour is going to make much of a difference.

Tory Party 2.0 won’t scrap the two child benefit cap. It looks likely to push chronically ill and disabled people into work. On top of this, it has ditched plans to tax the rich. Not to mention it’s planning to funnel public money into the pockets of, you guessed it, more bloody billionaires – just greener this time.

So, if the foodbank closure this polling day is a symbol of all that’s wrong after over a decade of Tory governance, it’s perhaps also an omen of more to come under Labour too.

Maybe Great British Food Pantry is on Labour’s agenda next. Because taking a branding leaf out of ghoul Penny Mordaunt’s book wouldn’t look out of place.

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