Farage is the MP Britain deserves but not the one it needs

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Nigel Farage has been elected MP for Clacton, as leader of Reform UK. After several attempts and many a milkshake thrown, racist Farage can snuggle in cosily in the Houses of Parliament with his fellow racist shitbags. Now, we don’t want to hear any disowning of the little cretin – he’s exactly where British politics is at and enough of the British public are a fan of him that he’s officially an MP.

When Trump, Farage’s long distance BFF, was elected Twitter was rife with cries of “not my President!” The thing with that is, it’s too neat a way of discarding the likes of Trump and Farage. Actions have consequences, and the fact is that, just like Trump, the British media and public have not only tolerated but welcomed Farage far too often.

And, Farage has done the lot – Have I Got News For You, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. At this stage, there’s no point debating whether he’s a serious politician: he is treated as a serious politician, and in doing so, so is his fascism. Farage has never pretended to be anything but himself, an opportunist and a racist.

Farage: Breaking Point

His politics haven’t moved on from his 2016 ‘breaking point’ poster:

For an EU referendum that would apparently send back white European migrants, Farage saw fit to pose in front of a poster with a bunch of brown faces. Now, admittedly, in the years since the Brexit referendum Farage’s popularity has waned. But, like a determined racist cockroach, he’s been biding his time and trusting that the British media and public will welcome him back with open arms.

After all, this is the country that has produced government after government obsessed with using immigrants as scapegoats for the country’s ills. How exactly migrants are responsible for food banks, soaring prices from greedy energy companies, and scandal after scandal is beyond us.

Farage might be a chancer, but you can’t deny that he’s tapped into something a lot of people in Britain believe in.

Britain loves to debate whether or not something is racist.

Really though, it’s plainly obvious that the originator of colonialism remains a racist cesspit where people of colour are disenfranchised at every conceivable social and economic level.

Mainstream media at it again

You lot couldn’t have done it on your own though!

The posh twats in the mainstream media have their own case to answer for. Every time Farage bumbles around, they’re there to faithfully fan the flames of his hatred. Farage brings his own nonsense to the table, but my word does the media serve it up to the public.

No better example than last night when Farage’s Reform won four seats and the Green Party won four seats. How was the coverage, you may ask? Even and fair? Uh:

One posh twat’s political earthquake is that same twat’s forgettable night:

Media airspace sucked up by breathless coverage of Reform is disappointingly par for the course:

Never mind the fact that the Greens didn’t have anywhere near the funding nor media capital as Farage does:

And let’s not let Labour off lightly here:

Starmer’s use of dogwhistle migrant talking points was a clear ploy to win over wobbly Tory voters:

Talk shit, get hit

Now, admittedly, there are plenty of people in Britain who abhor Farage’s politics. They would never hold such racist views. But, even so, there goes Farage.

It’s clearly not enough to simply debate these racists and hope they go away. We need to demand better from our media, better from our politicians, and better from each other. Engaging on Farage’s terms simply means giving him more airtime to peddle his agenda:

Or, to put it another way:

Need we say more?

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