Farage has already started lying and it’s barely the 5 July

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The UK’s answer to Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, has already begun using the straw-haired sex pest’s playbook when it comes to far-right populism. That is, two hours after the general election polls closed he’s already crying “FOUL” about the corporate media.

Farage: ‘foul, FOUL I say!’ (Yes, mate, you are)

The exit poll is showing Farage’s Reform Party could win 13 seats. To be fair, this is a) very good for a small party, and b) probably not representative of the actual number of votes the party will get due to our creaking First Past The Post electoral system.

Now, Farage could have commented on those things as they’re fair and valid points. He could have been humble. But instead, he decided to lie through his teeth to his supporters via a video on social media.

Trump’s vestigial twin – albeit one probably crudely removed by some back-street surgeon – took to X to crow about his party’s results. However, he also decided to take aim at the corporate media. Farage said:

To watch the TV coverage, it’s almost comical. There’s not a single representative on there from Reform UK. Mainstream media are in denial, as much as our political parties. This is going to be six million votes, plus…

The last bit might be true – but the rest isn’t.

Liar, liar

Clearly Farage was banking on none of his audience having watched Channel 4’s election coverage – where Reform’s Ann Widdecombe was on ALL FUCKING NIGHT prior to his video:

To be fair to Farage, Widdecombe was having a perpetual coughing fit throughout her appearance – so, he may have missed her:

Or mistaken her for a Star Wars character:

But SURELY Farage couldn’t have mistaken his own deputy leader David Bull for anyone else – apart from that dude off Most Haunted in the noughties?

Regardless, here’s the thing.

Trump’s vestigial twin

While Farage’s lies about the corporate media seem small fry, they’re not. There are all manner of things he could call them out on – but instead, he chooses to lie. This is straight out of Trump’s playbook – and sets a extremely worrying tone for the next five years.

Featured image via Nigel Farage – X

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