Choosing the best ride for your son

  • Post last modified:May 21, 2024
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There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a child speeding down the sidewalk on their own two wheels. It’s a symbol of independence, but most importantly a ton of fun! But how can you pick the best ride for your little boy? 

Boys and bikes come in all shapes, sizes, and riding styles. Bobbin Bikes understands this, and that’s why they offer a fantastic range of children’s bikes to cater to these differences. Let’s check out what they can offer us and how to choose the best ride for our boy.

Matching your boy’s needs with the right bike type

Just like buying the appropriate shoes, size is where the deal is sealed for children’s bikes. A bike which is bigger than expected will discourage him and cause possible accidents in the future, while a bike which is too small will hinder his pedalling and enjoyment of the whole process. 

Bobbin Bikes offers some of the best bike options for kids out there, from first wobbly rides to confident exploration. Here’s a size guide:

  • Early riders (age 2-4): For the tiniest adventurers, consider a balance bike. These no-pedal gadgets are essential as they gradually teach the child the balance and coordination skills that he/she will use on a pedal bike.
  • Growing grooms (age 4-6): For this age group, 12 and 16-inch bikes are the preferred ones. Try to see features like lightweight structure, easy-to-handle brakes, and puncture-resistant tyres which are best suited for any backyard surface. 
  • Junior explorers (age 7-11): As your son grows, so will his cycling ambitions. 18-inch and 20-inch wheel bikes provide a comfortable fit for this age group, allowing him to tackle longer rides and explore further afield. However, a children’s 24-inch bike might be more appropriate if your child is taller than the rest of 10 or 11-year-olds.

Matching bike style to riding interests

After you’ve defined the size limits, choose the riding style of your son is another factor. Is he more of a stunt biker or a relaxed ride kind of guy? Bobbin Bikes caters to all types of riders: 

  • For adventurers that require the taste of mud and the feel of riding hidden trails, a mountain bike with a knobbly tyre and multiple gears would be their trusty partner for all the great adventures. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) guidelines with safety tips can help parents keep their children safe during off-road travels.
  • City slickers: If the son loves roaming around the city, a cool and comfy bike with the right riding position would match him. Many Bobbin city bikes even feature integrated baskets, ideal for carrying essentials or a lucky find from his explorations.
  • All-rounders: A hybrid bike is a versatile option whereby riders can be spoilt for choice so to speak. The bike comes with padded upright handlebars, various gears, and puncture-resistant tyres which makes it an excellent bike for paved pathways, light off-road and friendly commuting. 

However, it is essential to understand that safety takes priority above all else! Assure that your boy puts on a good-fitting helmet every time before he rides the bike. The Bobbin Bikes store is also a great source of a variety of cool, comfortable bike gear for children of all ages.

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