CDW targeted for a second time over Israel weapons link

  • Post last modified:February 21, 2024
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Palestine Action have targeted a company – CDW – that supplies services for Elbit Systems for a second time. It shows the group’s determination to force the company to end its agreement with the weapons firm and its complicity in Israel‘s ongoing apartheid and genocide against the Palestinian people.

CDW: profiting from Israel’s genocide

Activists from Palestine Action anonymously targeted CDW’s London office, tech suppliers for Israel’s biggest weapons manufacturer, Elbit Systems on Tuesday 20 February:

CDW London office

Glass panels were cracked and the front doors were covered in red paint symbolising the bloodshed of the Palestinian people:

CDW London office three

CDW provide supply chain management, IT solutions, cyber security and eProcurement services for the Israeli weapons maker, making Elbit’s deadly business more efficient. This action highlights the company’s role in the genocide of the Palestinian people and urges CDW to end their ties with Elbit.

This is the second time Palestine Action have targeted the firm, having previously hit their Peterborough office two weeks ago.

As the Canary previously reported, CDW provide supply chain management, IT solutions, cyber security, and eProcurement services, making Elbit’s murder business more efficient and easier to run. This and the previous action served to remind the company of their role in the genocide of the Palestinian people, urging them to cut all ties with Elbit:

CDW offices Peterborough Palestine Action

Elbit: shut it down forever

Since October 7th, over 29,000 Palestinians have been killed, more than 69,000 injured and the majority of the people in Gaza are now displaced. Elbit Systems supply the majority of Israel’s military drone fleet, land based equipment, bullets, munitions and missiles. Their weaponry is often marketed as “battle-tested”, after it’s deployed and experimented on the people of Gaza and before it’s sold on to other regimes across the world. The genocide of Gaza would not be possible without Elbit’s weaponry and those who facilitate and profit from their deadly business.

After similar actions, four other companies have ended their association with Elbit’s deadly trade in the past two months. These include Elbit’s weapons transporters Kuehne + Nagel, recruiters iO associates, property managers Fisher German, and website designers Naked Creativity.

Palestine Action says it will:

continue to target all those who allow Elbit to continue their business of genocide, until they declare they’ve cut all ties.

Featured image and additional images via Palestine Action

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