Camping in Normandy With Yelloh! Village

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Normandy is a popular camping destination known primarily for its beautiful countryside and famous beaches where the soldiers landed during WWII. However, beyond these shores, this north-western region of France has plenty to offer, especially when staying with Yelloh! Village. Yelloh! Village has established itself as a go-to camping partner in France and its environs, thanks to its high-quality campsites and unforgettable outdoor experiences for all vacationers. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway with your partner or a family-friendly adventure with everyone, Yelloh! Village has a perfect location and exceptional facilities to meet your needs.

Why Choose Yelloh! Village for Camping in Normandy?

With Yelloh! Village, you are guaranteed a premium outdoor experience without the need to arrange for all of them yourself. It stands out from the rest by prioritising quality, comfort and exceptional customer service for people from all walks of life. In addition, their campsites provide everything you will ever need to enjoy your vacation, including wellness centres, swimming pools and restaurants, among other amenities. There are also a few places to check out while camping Normandy, including Claude Monet’s Garden and Mont Saint-Michel. But first, let’s look at Yelloh! Village Campsites in Normandy. 

Yelloh! Village La Capricieuse

Yelloh! Village La Capricieuse is located in Luc-sur-Mer, only 100m from the famous Normandy beaches. It is one of the two primary Yelloh! Village’s campsites in Normandy and a fantastic destination for individuals looking to enjoy the beautiful beaches with their family or spouse. 

The campsite has plenty to offer in terms of amenities and activities. First things first, you will need accommodation, and the campsite offers a variety of high-end options, including mobile homes and spacious pitches for tents and caravans. The amenities include 3 swimming pools, morning to evening entertainment, restaurants and a bar for those relaxing afternoons. 

Yelloh! Village Portland

Yelloh! Village Portland is located a few miles from the D-Day beaches in the historic French Town of Bayeux. It is a perfect destination for travellers seeking a blend of history and nature. In addition to exploring the rich cultural heritage, Yelloh! Village Portland has plenty to offer as a camping destination. 

For accommodation, you can settle in a spacious pitch or opt for a fully equipped cottage. The amenities include heated swimming pools, bar restaurants, wellness centre and waterslides, which make this a family-friendly destination. In addition to these, you can engage in activities such as yoga classes, archery and mini-golf. 

Additional Activities to Do While Camping in Normandy

If you are planning on camping in Normandy, it is essential to learn a few additional activities you can do during your spare time. From exploring historic art locations to lengthy strolls along the beautiful beaches, Normandy has a few surprises that are ideal for different ages and preferences. Here are a few examples: 

  • Visit Claude Monet’s garden and home: If you are an art lover, visiting the house and garden of the renowned painter should be at the top of your list when camping in Normandy. They are located in the village of Giverny, a two-hour drive from Yelloh! Village La Capricieuse.
  • Watch the sunset at Mont Saint-Michel: This thousand-year-old destination is one of the most extraordinary places in Normandy and France in general. It’s a beautiful place to visit any time of the day, but timing your arrival with low tide at sunset allows you to take the best shots of the fortress from the beach.
  • Tour the D-Day landing beaches: Normandy is famous for the D-Day beaches, the landing shores for soldiers in WWII. Check out the various forms of memorabilia and visitor centres provided to commemorate the landings.
  • Explore rocky cliffs at Étretat: If you are a nature person, exploring the rocky cliffs at Étretat should be at the top of your list. This location is about 2 hours from Yelloh! Village La Capricieuse.

Camping in Normandy with Yelloh! Village offers a perfect blend of cultural exploration and outdoor activities for a gratifying holiday. The two main campsites, Portland and La Capricieuse, have everything you need for a memorable stay in this North-Western region of France.

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